Friday, April 22, 2011

Settling In...and Happy Easter, Anzac Day and All!

A new hollyhock colour sprouted from seed! Already flowering too.

An Easter Hello! to you all out there who are waiting for the Easter Bunny...I hope he has a good map marked with a big X for your place...
Not us, the Easter Bunny forgot this year, but has been busy collecting knitting - gloves and legwarmers and hats, so maybe there will be some hidden chocolate goodies somewhere amongst the wool :)
So not like us, not to have chocolate at Easter, and we didnt even have Hot X buns this year... I dont know why we missed the usual traditions, perhaps it was budget related, more than likely it was because weve been busier this week than most. Or so it seems...

Flowering Basil plants, smell heavenly!

Dill, has rallied beautifully since planted

Dear little fluffy lettuce seed heads wait to be plucked...
Its rained ALOT. The kids have been cooped up and are obviously sick of it, and today it was gorgeous weather, and they still stayed inside - TV had all the kids movies on, and they moseyed between being in the Garden playing and lying out on the bed in my room, watching cartoons and movies, culminating in watching our favourite Forest Gump tonight. Love it. Coffee, Bikkies and Forest Gump.
This week Ive been knitting, and Im enjoying getting some practical use out of my creative ends. Arlais has some new Easter mittens, Im doing some leg warmers to match and the boys have put orders in for balaclavas each...
Still plenty of tomatoes tucked away, growing nicely, still colouring up for picking...

Not a lot to report, we ate Butter chicken tonight, inside I snuck our own veges - still lots growing out there, to my amazement... Some peas, silver beet, some basil and some parsley, and our own tomatoes too.

One Plane, Some Planks and our favourite PJs complete with Gummies = FUN!

Well I hope things settle down weatherwise. It is so nice to be able to go and stroll around the garden and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine... I love these last sunny stretches in between the lumps of rain and wind, soon to be snowy sleet...
Love them!

Thats all for now. Not alot of news to be had.
Easter is for Family here, so from my Family to Yours,
Happy Easter,
Thinking of you on ANZAC DAY too



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