Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Morning ... Planking At the Park... Happiness and Sunshine!

Here at the Lazy A, its well known that we dont do Sundays very well. In fact, in general, we are lazy.
So today was refreshing. No early start, but up and off to the Park...
The weather curved inward this week and we had a couple of nights and days of rain. Whod have thought the weekend would be *One out of the box*?
It was superb. Big Blue skies... not many white fluffy clouds, just enough to be interesting... A light Spring breeze, and lots of sunshine. Love that Sun! It makes you feel like you are warm inside...
Of course, then theres the company...

Four Children, all mine... mine!! I havent had the four of them for a whole day together in quite a while. Theyre always doing *stuff* - the older they get, the busier it is. So we took photos, and the kids planked.
The older two egging the younger two on, and snap, theres Mom with the camera.

Then there was The Dog. 
A dog who just appeared. He (or was it She?)  hung around, he sniffed, did Doggy Things, and then, barked at Blaise, ran over and picked up a stick, and sat expectantly after dropping the stick at Blaises feet.

He and Blaise played for quite a while... Im not sure who got tired first... But I know whose missing who!!

Beautiful dog, no owner in sight. And, as we left, I spied him taking his stick over to the next people at the play ground.
No stupid dog there... he knew what the game was... Im picking he lives nearby and this is a game hes played before! Awesome. How to have a dog and enjoy him, when you dont actually have a dog... and my boy Blaise - he REALLY wants a dog. Hmm, what boy wouldnt want a dog like this one...?

Its been awesome having the kids here. The older two are so different and such *their own people* now. Today we have  listened to music like Nirvana, from similar thrashing pounding beats, through to Susan Boyle, watched Music videos on Youtube, learnt about mp3 players and talked about E-readers, how to facebook from texts, and all manner of things. They think I know what theyre talking about... I kind of do... now. Cos I listen, nod, think about things, then when theyre gone, Google is My Friend. I love my boys.

And then theres my little Princess. She loves having her big brothers around her. She shrieks with delight when they toss her, cuddle and tickle, rough house and chase...
The big boys are gone now, back to their Dads, to get ready for another week at school and work. My two littles are tucked in, theyve voted to top and tail tonight, and between them there are new hot water bottles which are considered a Winter Treat. I can hear whispers. Theyre  tired, but boy they are happy.

So nice to *hear happy*... and today, was one Sunday full of smiles!
Thats Us for now!
Hope your week is a good one :)

EButterfly & Co.

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