Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sometimes you sense a change in the wind...Time to Move On Maybe?

The second of June, and Im re-evaluating things I guess.
Might be time to move out of the city and start somewhere smaller, with less shakes.
I noticed, after watching the news, that stupid report that talked about further big earthquakes for Canterbury/Christchurch. I stopped listening, and looked at my two childrens faces. One was watching intently. The other, the younger of the two, was fidgetting with her hands, and it was then I noticed, she was shaking.  That news report was not lost on either of them. They are old enough to understand the language. It was just a shame that some of the percentages and relevant information was incorrect, or even missing.
Scaremongering at its best.
Christchurch people seem to have been sitting on the edge, waiting for the next Big One for so long now. Its tiring. Stressful. We are empty!
Im not giving up, or giving in. IF I decide to, I will be moving for the health of my little people. So all their tomorrows are filled with good things, and not waiting for another earthquake, or doom and gloom. Misery loves company - it sure does, you only need to be here to hear that - Not always, but a lot these days.
The East vs West is a big one - how horrible it must be to live in The East of the city.
Well actually, no... it is not. It was hairy there for a while, but we rallied. Together. New friends and associations were made. We RALLIED.
Now, and here is my rant... how dare they tell us, theres 23percent chance of another *Big* Earthquake between now and 12 months time.
Do they think that those of us who care enough to read up and keep in touch, dont know that? -  We live on a fault line for godssake! Why put it on prime time tv, in the front page of the paper, and scare the ones who DONT read up, and DONT take time to understand the statistics. Wouldnt it have been MUCH better... to actually say, with 23% chance of another earthquake ANYWHERE DOWN THE FAULT LINE, it means there is a greater chance (77%) of NOT having another serious earthquake anywhere...

Media sensations suck. Sensationalism sucks. And, Earthquakes suck!!

But ... Looking for a new start... Thats Awesome *Thumbs Up!*
So... pick a dart... and a map of NZ... its a bit like that... Watch this space...

Loving it!
Hugs from my heart to Yours,

Earth Butterfly & Co.

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