Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thursday... Stanley... In the Quakey Isles Still...

A Reminder to Live Life...

An unusual week, unfortunately, another sad one - a friend passed away on Tuesday.
Stanley is very dear to us - he died when one of his horses spooked and kicked him, he fell against a hook on a wall of the stables and never woke up. The blessing, if there is one, is that it was very quick and he was doing what he loved most, attending to his horses. He was an expert horseman through & through, very intuitive, funny and a very loyal man. He was also young - in his prime, building his Dream, and it brings it home that you must love the ones youre with, enjoy doing all that you can, cram in those Memory Making Times...
Stan is and will be sorely missed, and if Im any judge, he will be missing his horses hugely where he is :)
A real well loved guy, he leaves a big empty space in our hearts.

Ya'no, its such a wonderful morning out there, the sky is really quite grey but the clouds have parted, no rain as yet, and the sun is shining gloriously.
The sky is high, which makes me wonder about earthquakes.
I didnt have to wonder for long this morning, it became a reality. Not having felt shakes for so long it was unexpected.
IT WAS A 4.0 on the richter scale!!
Went for a ride out to Save Mart in New Brighton. Sitting there, chatting to Miss 4 about when they open etc, and had my door open. Shes sitting in the front seat with me, we are watching the builders assessing the Mitre 10 roof in front of us, which is beside the Save Mart building. I have my leg out the door, and all of a sudden, the car lurches against my leg, rocking us. My God!! Talk about heart in mouth... We both got quite a fright. Its the first time since that day in Feb, that I have ever been in a car when the Earth Moves.
Not pleasant. I looked over, to see the builders on the roof hastily retreating down a very skinny ladder, off the building... and the windows, the big plate glass windows, in the Save Mart are shaking... not pleasant.
It wasnt *that scary* it is just something to bring you back to that sense of ... remember now, youre in THIS kind of Christchurch now, not the safe, non-shaky kind still.
So, yeah. Lesson learnt. Remember where you are... Even if youre tired, youre thinking about any other kind of thing, you still have to remember... you have to remain alert to the signs... and deal with the events.
Ok, lesson learnt.

Im off to have a sleep, a nana nap today... I think Im still catching up on the School Holiday Syndrome I suffer from every time this year. I hate hate hate these Winter School holidays. April is a month Id love to skip all together.

Will be back to doing the good stuff next post, its Mr nearly-11s birthday on Sunday and The Creative Energy better start to flow as Im in Birthday Cake planning mode... Argggh Ben10 is on the list, have you seen that guy??? Hes so hard to get onto a cake, so fiddly and all those monsters with the arms and leggies... We may just have to go with something else... like... uhhh... yeah....something chocolate... cream... pavlova is On The List...

Hoping youre keeping well, safe and warm,
From my Heart to Yours,


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