Monday, May 23, 2011

Winter? Not here!

Another Full Moon, Another Prediction about TEOTWAWKI
Of course, now that I write about our glorious Indian Summer days here in Christchurch, it will likely turn to custard and pour like a bugger for the next few weeks. Such is Murphys Law!
We have been *done Proud* with the beautiful Summery days and high skies we have had this week and last. It makes getting out of bed such a pleasure in the morning. Ok, well kind of a pleasure... Im a bit of a slouch, I like my bed.
Porridge is for Winter breakfast here, hot coffee and a check up on the news in the morning, and away we go, wrapped up warm. Such a treat to still be able to go for walks and get washing in and out, and its almost June. Yes, it IS almost June. How time flies...

HATS! Ive been knitting here and there, for the small people, and for the bigger ones too - hats mostly. I cant get motivated though, and Im settling in on a small baby blanket to keep me interested. Its not keeping me interested yet, but I will keep at it.

We have had a few small shakes this week, but barely noticeable to us.
What HAS been noticeable though, is the house shaking as the DIGGERS and rollers fix our street.
Finally, we will have smooth roads!! It has been interesting to watch, obviously every little person is fixated on the big diggers and the men in orange vests, and the *Dance of the Road Cones* that seems to be viral across town... and now we have them in our own front yard... almost.

Dance of the Road Cone...
 I think it is fair to say that we have loose piles - our front lounge seems to shudder when the diggers go down, it was worse when they were actually outside digging, I could feel the shaking in the kitchen at the back of the house... The things you get used to, now I barely turn a hair. Turn up the music, you dont hear the diggers, and the vibration becomes part of the dance lol.

Have had a lousy few weeks. Sometimes Life kicks you like a cow. Well, my cow kicked me, gave birth, chewed its cud and then kicked me again..... Just Life Stuff, but meh. Who needs it? The stress levels are pretty toxic, and Ive taken to yelling a bit... not at the kids mind, just at one cat in particular. Poor Moggy

Still Beautiful, even if its Winter, I love my Greens!! BrightLights You Rock!
I never was a cat person, and I do believe we have another cat in the wings who seems to have just *turned up* ... I am not having much luck with not feeding him, and I will endeavour to find his People. I simply cannot afford five cats, especially when one of them (Zander The Black Vaccuum) will eat anything that is not nailed down... as long as it is handed to him on a plate... or has fallen off a plate... or it is in the green recycling bin, or smells funny... He likes to rub himself over anything funny smelling, such a delight ;) Full of personality. This wee chap (above) lives in the next street, but I find him often sitting with my lot. They look as if they totally accept him, noone fights him. He wanders around and he talks constantly (which gets my goat, I HATE talking cats!! - its always a demand for more food, better sleeping conditions etc --- DEMANDING!!!)

South Brighton Pumice

We went for a wander down the beach at South Brighton, near the Spit. It was a beautiful day, the birds were all out, of course guess who forgot her camera? Doh!
We did happen upon a wonderful selection of pumice. The children and I collected it, and I have some in my garden, it looks great. Love the texture and the soft lines... Will be creating something with some of it, and passing some along...
Soon all the extended family will appear with soft callus-free heels :)

We celebrated The Lads 11th Birthday this month, he had a very low-key birthday. It was family family family. Just as he had asked, and he got Books... games, books... He was happy.  I felt very uncreative when it came to making his birthday cake, but it didnt really matter.

Anything tastes good when it looks like Pav, tastes good like Pav and is smothered in sweet cream and has Sparklers for candles...

Happy Birthday Blaise! :)
See how much Miss 4 loves your balloons!!
We love you!!

Enough of this, Im off to finish the School baking...
Hope youre keeping things Upbeat.
Love to you

E Butterfly

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