Friday, June 17, 2011

Day Five - Still Alive ... A few Shakes in the Water...

Leaves in Liquefaction
 Day Five... Yes, still alive. Doing some helping out around the neighbourhood today. Our friend B from down the road had a huge well of Liquefaction, and a few of us helped out with the shovelling. Lots of comings and goings with the wheelbarrows, which really arent built to handle the solid loads they encounter. It took us a while, and it still isnt completely finished, will go and help out tomorrow too if required.
Liquefaction has to be the most unusual stuff. The consistency changes depending on if its shaking - vibrations just from moving the stuff from hole to the front of the section bring the water out of the core of the pile, and it dribbles into the gutter. The firm silt base goes to jelly when it is shaken, and if you put your boot in, its hard to suck it out. Its seriously weird. And it smells - in the morning, as the sun hits the piles, you can smell it, like a sulphury smell. Ick! Im sure there are lurgys that lurk in it, probably some ecoli and mushrooms... magic ones? Nah I dont know.

Still doing the seed collecting. Ive just made pumpkin soup - complete with bacon bones, which the kids loved. We had it for tea. I love pumpkin soup, not only do I get the pumpkin, but the promise of more with the seeds... yes, I know. I think Ive written enthusiasticallly about that before, havent I?...
Ive got some more capsicum seed this week too. Theyre both constants at the moment, while Miss 4 is happy to eat capsicums raw, I ll keep gathering up the seeds. And with Winter setting in, theres likely to be more pumpkin seeds too, cos Soup is cheap, filling and keeps us warm!

I was lying on the bed this afternoon, chatting to Mr EB when the earth shook. Funny - the door swung open, cats and children came thru the door! Ooh says Miss 4 That was a bit scary! It wasnt though, it was a tiddler! Theres been a few today, but thats nothing unusual. The thing I have been looking at, is that some of them have been in the water, near the shore. I wonder how that affects under the water - and the tides?  And the poor fish. Im picking it gives them a headache or two!! And does liquefaction affect what grows down there... hmm.

Another thing I noticed whilst making the soup today. Youve got to be really careful with the aftershocks and cooking on the stove. We almost lost the soup on the floor twice. Almost like the muffins I made and promptly dropped as I opened the oven to get them out. Mr EB wasnt phased at all... He picked them up with his hands and put them on the plate... Never to Mind he says. Bless him! I do love him dearly. Meanwhile I was fuming...
Well, theyre all gone, so they cant be so bad :)

Time to Wander Off and do some tidying for tomorrows events...
Landlords arrival emininent, and I hope to get some housemates...
Fingers xed. Id love the company!

All the very best to You!
Keep Warm


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  1. Thinking of Christchurch. We have family scattered around NZ.

    almost lost the soup twice
    so ... casual

    Just behind our mountain is Tulbagh which had an earthquake. Had to rebuild all the National Monument houses.