Sunday, June 19, 2011

Raindrops on Roses... and Liquefaction on Roads - Roll on Monday!

Arlais' Rainbow, hand painted :)

Raindrops.. Lots of Em! Its been raining for a while now, so long that this morning the first thing I could hear on the roads was the swish of the slop as the cars went past on their way to Whereever - liquefaction + rain = Sloppy Grey Sludge. And its so slippy - Mind that Cyclist! I went to get petrol and saw one guy almost lose it as he turned right. Not good. The weatherman (Tamati Coffey) says  up to 10 degrees today. Brrr. Take that Christchurch! Its not so bad, but after the lovely days of last week, we really are going to do it hard.
Its still dark, and its quarter to eight... Monday again! A week ago we were in a different place, and Im hoping the aura of that day is gone, to be forgotten.

The De-Clutter is still progressing. The Great Garage is starting to look emptier, which creates a good feeling... The Trademe & Freecycle accounts are heaving with new entrants. I hope the sales go well, have added pea-straw and some rather bright Summer fabric to the watchlist... oh and some rather special Tomato seeds to try!

Onward. Got to be brave. Last call. Into the Fray!
Tug on the rope if you cant find me, I ll be in the Garage!!
Love to Tony and Evita - If youre out there... keep in touch
Love to those, especially in beautiful New Plymouth, who have had continued experiences with Mother Nature - Thunderstorms, Typhoons, Tornadoes...which has caused extensive damage and flooding. Kia Kaha - Be Strong!

Hope youre doing well, Keeping Safe and Well,
Love to You

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