Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The News Weve all been Waiting For ... Avonside/Dallington - Street Sinkhole, Photos

A big day for some of us in Christchurch. Homeowners finally have some idea about what is to happen with their homes, properties and their futures.
Weve been glued to the news. Its really important for us who live here to know what is happening to those who own their own homes, so we can support and understand their decisions... and be the Ear that they may need... Lots of turmoil, it must be heartbreaking - we watched Campbell Live last night, and it is truly heartbreaking to see the families and homeowners and hear their stories about their lives since September 2010...
Heres some News Links here...
Emotional day for Avonside and Dallington

How It Works - Pay Out Case Studies

Crown to buy 5100 quake-hit Christchurch homes

Cathedral Dome to be Removed  - Ever since I was a little girl visiting Christchurch, it was always a sign that we were near the central city when we could spot the Catholic Cathedral domes. Seeing the Angels sitting amongst the badly damaged Cathedral in the first few months, and then the devastation in the second earthquake when they started demolishing the buildings, it all makes me so sad that My Christchurch (like a lot of other peoples CHCH!) is changing. I loved that building, it was truly beautiful. Majestic beauty. Sob. Today theyre removing the crosses. Because of the bare land spots throughout the avenues, it makes Christchurch quite a changed city site already... Just miss the familiarity. Remembering today especially, all the lives that passed away, and the remaining lives that changed forever on those shaky days... Nostalgic grey kind of day today maybe...xx xx

Big Ups. We are moving into a new planning phase. Mr EB and I are actively seeking new things to do to support our (self sufficient) lifestyles. This will bring us closer together, and we will be better able to support ourselves and our family.

Our garden is always surprising us. SURPRISE! It must be ... Spring? Heck no. Yesterday was the shortest day or somesuch... but! WE HAVE FLOWERS :-)

Oh and Holes... Middle of the Street. Broad daylight (actually Wintry Gloom today, rain and such!) but there it is... a Sink hole!

And then there is our brave Geranium cuttings that seem to eat Liquefaction for breakfast, cos theyve grown WILD baby!
WAHOO! Pretty too...
Liquefaction in the front, under the lounge

Geranium Cuttings that grew like Topsy!
And then theres our poor old Chimney. Old being the best word to describe it... The top has been removed, and its capped off inside and on the roof level... but the outside is coming further away from the house with each shudder... EQC need to assess it, before the landlord will do anything further. Gulp. EQC are so over-worked... It isnt a good scenario.

This Ole House!
And thats it for now...
Another day in the life of a Earthquake Turtle.


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