Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Longest Night.... 5.3 and Lots of others besides...

Have just driven Mr Intermediate to school.
After last nights episodes, it was a long night. Well, thats what theyre claiming. I dunno. I slept through the majority of the aftermath ... Whoops. Some survivalist I turned out to be *grin* My babies just rolled over and went back to sleep when I checked on them during the night... YAY!
- Its nice and settled out there at the moment. A bit grey and quite dusty. The silt on the roads has settled, but in others there are still clumps to watch out for. Impatient drivers everywhere, but thats *school hour* traffic for you I guess.
Have just started another listing marathon in my bid to de-clutter. I do so want to be a Minimalist eventually.

Beautiful Avon River
It may happen... one day :-)

The rain has stopped, and the shakes for now have subsided, but Im still two cats down. I cant find the black and white one, or the tortiseshell one... and they shouldve been fed by now. Im wondering if perhaps theyre holding out for better food *grin*
Roll On Wednesday. Oh and I mean that in a non-shaking, mediocre, let-me-gather-my-wits kinda way!

All the best,
Keep Smiling!

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