Sunday, June 5, 2011

Well... THAT was something... Happy Queens Birthday to you, BUMPITY BUMP!

Something shaky woke me.
Ok I was awake, and not quite ready for the Shake That Was.
I ended up covered in children. One was Not Amused... the other, quite scared. Time to go back over the earthquake drill. They forgot to get into their safe corners... Thats ok. We can do that.
How dare Mother Nature have earthquakes on the Queens Birthday!... well, our public holiday anyway...
5.5 on the richter scale, noticeably long and rather rocky... No big damage here, but plenty of angst, a few more cracks and a quick flick onto Geonet. (

So, For a Monday, its FAB. For a Public Holiday, its PERFECT here in Canterbury...Its a high sky, blue with a few clouds flicking past. Light breeze. - What the heck happened to Winter? Not that Im complaining mind you. It is GORGEOUS. We are so lucky... for the weather, Id gladly suffer an eq or two, wouldnt I?

Im in de-clutter mode. As I get rid of it, Im packing the other stuff. On the offchance we decide to bog off.
It has been an odd weekend, the Sundayitus was bad this week, but cruising on into Monday, I can see its going to be a good week. I have sold two packets of my Earth Butterfly seeds on Trademe, and Im grateful that people have paid - the energy is flowing nicely...

Not a lot of piccies today, but Im going to take the camera out later in search of butterflies... Its that time of year at the park...

Love This Weather,
Take care,
My heart to yours <3


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