Saturday, June 4, 2011

Quick Post... Eye Candy @

So Im a bit bored tonight, the kids are watching TV and Im here on the computer,... been a bit busy this week, doing some house wrecking errr... some de-cluttering.

I found my way around the internet shopping portals to ETSY - my favourite place of unique and handmade gifts - Heaven!!!
Have a look at some of this gorgeous stuff... I could spend ages browsing...oophs, I mean I DO spend ages...
Then I found THIS PLACE - The place to buy prints from the lady with the prints like the one in my previous post
KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON! ... Our post earthquake mantra.

Also, gorgeous jewellery... LOOK HERE for butterflies  AND HERE for trees - or here for more trees - cos tomorrow IS ARBOUR DAY!
Gorgeous hollyhocks HERE and Dahlias here!  Wow, those are gorgeous, unique and affordable!

Ok, so as you were... I should go and make myself useful... I just popped in to show you some pretties... Hope youre having a fantastic Queens birthday weekend... An extra day off is nice!!
HAPPY ARBOR DAY... Plant a tree... Nurture Your Garden...Hug your kids... hmm, two out of three isnt bad, is it?
Love from my heart to yours <3

E Butterfly

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