Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Days Are Here Again...Aloe, Aloe... Vera?

Yeah!It is a good day. For a Tuesday!
The birds are singing - or were singing - seeing its Dark Just Now.
And it was a good day in the Garden.
With my
Mr EB.
Side By Side.
Him with the Man Saw, Me with the piddly wee bendable thing (ugh!)
We cut and slashed, hacked and ripped out some scraggly plum type trees that have never done much
except make a mess. We talked as we hacked, planned, dreamed, schemed.
Now I have a corner for my new compost bin. A big 'un!
Now to move the contents of the old piles into the new bin...
Guess who gets to help with that job... Boys? :-)
Why have two gorgeous teens unless they can do menial tasks for you and then tell you they love you?
Ha! They havent heard my demands yet, but I guess I ll need bribery too :-)

So after the compost bin is in place, filled with glorious rotting stuff, I can start shopping for Worms.
Yes! A Worm farm. Im looking forward to long, fat, skinny, slimy, grubby wormies! I love it!
And then, the next on the list, is the extension of the herb garden, down the length of the property.
And grubbing the new ground for the vege garden
Selecting some seeds to start sprouting for Spring - Petunias, Snapdragon and Phlox,
Repotting the Aloe babies into their own pots
... I feel like a new mother - they have sprouted babies everywhere again!
I think I ll have upward of 30 Aloe Vera plants after this next lot are repotted.
Where to put them, is the question? Running out of places... Might have to Trademe some.

So onward to Wednesday...
Love to All

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  1. Do you use the aloe gel? We use the gel from Bulbinella leaves on scratches, insect bites, sunburn.