Sunday, July 3, 2011

Here Comes The Sun! Frosty out there...

Monday Morning... and here I am again.
HERE COMES THE SUN... just makes me wanna sing... doodin doo dum, Here comes the Sun!
Went out to do the school drop off, and boyo! It is COLD.
Came back through all the fog, and took some photos. Its very clear until you look ahead, then White. Love it. Guess this is what kills all the bad bugs off our plants, or spurs seeds on so theyre ready to Grow... Gotta love Nature in its Wonder!

Had a look at my garden. It may not have fared so well after this frost. Everything has drooped. Maybe they need the warm kisses from the suns rays to keep em going!

Silverbeet/Coloured Chard *Bright Lights*

My new Geranium plants... Ice, Ice Baby!


Still growing Tomatoes - Up the Tree. It is taller than my 5ft 10 high!

Parsley On Ice!

Time to go and find my handy dandy Gumboots :-)


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