Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mid Winter Composting Ambitions...

Welcome to Monday... Its so quiet here, not a sign of a shake lately. I do worry when its like this ... She says Tongue in Cheek! Whats next then? I hear you ask...(was that you?) Well, being Me, I Have A LIST.

Its Frrreeezzzing out there, frosty as ever. Last night we went for a Pudding Run to the local Stupidmarket, and it was very misty out there. I think we hit Winter finally!
Im still doing the de-clutter. I have several big bags of stuff to re-home or re-cycle. Its exciting to see bare space!
So whilst Im throwing things out, and decluttering... it strikes me that my compost could do with a new home.
This weekend I have a project on. Time to make a new compost bin or two... Again, its exciting to think it might mean I can adopt some Tiger Worms for a worm farm... We did that a few years ago at our previous address, and that ROCKED. The kids loved checking the progress of the worms, and feeding them was awesome for their education.
So it better be frosty mornings, high blue skies and sun throughout the weekend. Oh. Its also nearly School Holidays too! That snuck up on us, but the school boy is secretly pleased...

Have hauled out all the broken down tomato stakes and old plants. It is nice to see the brown earth underneath, and  now the plans abound to see what is going to go where this coming growing season...
Im off to price Pea Straw and Chickky Pooh as a base.

Im dreaming of ... oh  lots of warm sun and lazy nasturtiums, romantic petunias and sweet smelling basil. I have onions in growing nicely, some silverbeet or coloured chard that is beautiful and shiny, and small clumps of parsley, dill and coriander.
Inside, Im still pottering with my capsicums who have not forsaken me, they hang from four plants in two pots on my windowsill. Each plant has a couple of good sized fruit, one has several new fruit coming along, and theyre awesome for conversation... It goes something like... Is THAT a green pepper growing there? ... Also, we have a variety of Aloe vera growing in my bedroom window. They all have new shoots, ready to be re potted... Awesome!!

Well, thats a garden catch-up... Next time it will be a composting work in progress!!
And weve been accepted by BLOTANICAL - THANKYOU for having Me!

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  1. You're very welcome to Blotanical! You bring Christchurch vividly to life for me. Diana