Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cupcakes, Misty Mornings and Spring...

Avonside Swan

One of those blah weeks. Misty mornings make the drive to school vaguely interesting.
The sun is a bit watery, but is so nice to see! Getting out and about is getting easier...
We made cupcakes... two dozen of them, and took them to see friends. There is only 8 left :-)
Sugary Goodness? You BET!
Should I be excited about the Rugby World Cup? Possibly.
Am I? Not at all.
Where is my patriotism, my pride? Who knows. Im just not  *Rugby.*
And the hype... the dollars spent... doesnt impress me at all.

Go All Blacks.
Thats done.

Now... show me the Garden, and thats different!
We have PROGRESS people.
The little sprouts of greeness everywhere are exciting to see.
The birds love hanging out in the front trees, eating the seeds in the homemade bird feeder. We cooked up a couple of lard lumps with wild bird seed in them. I hung one in the front tree and had to wait for a few days til they found it. Now they hang out up there most days, and the seeds they drop are growing radish and millet plants which is kinda odd, but neat ...

So there we be.
Not a lot to report here in Christchurch, predictions still stand for an Earthquake soon.
Today I replaced some of my survival supplies while doing the shopping. I never have *everything* but I have *most things* or something that I could substitute for it...
I really do hope we dont need them, but Im prepared...

Please, make sure you have the basics... Stock some water, stock your pantry. Have a plan. Talk about situations with your children. Have a plan!
Dont leave it to chance, no matter WHERE You live.
You need to have some plans in place for a serious emergency.
My heart goes out to the families involved in the bus crash up North. HERE for NEWS So many young lives, and that poor bus driver whose granddaughter was badly hurt and is fighting for her life at Starship Hospital. Thinking of you all, Kia Kaha!
Also, the families of those killed in the plane crash in Russia, such a sad time. Love and Blessings at this sad time.

And on that note... PLANT YOUR FOOD GARDEN.
It will keep you eating when others may be struggling!

Love to You
From my Hearth to Yours

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