Thursday, September 8, 2011

RWC Starts... The All Black Prayer... Perfect Weather

Our players who art in Black,
Hallowed be Thy Game.

When full time comes, thy will be done in 2011 as it was in '87.

Give us each game our Daily Victory and forgive us our previous shortcomings as we forgive those who coached in 07.

And lead us NOT to knock out round failure,
but deliver us from World Cup drought,

In the name of McCaw, Carter and the Holy Webb Ellis.


Perfect weather today for Rugby
Spring breezes, blue skies and happy faces. An air of anticipation, and lots of perfectly-timing illnesses requiring half days. A lot of it :-) Thank Goodness for Sympathetic Employers who secretly are pleased to get home to prepare for the sacred ritual of Watching Rugby from the Pulpit of Sofa or Couch...
Im about to hop out into the garden to sow some more seeds. It happens to be a perfect day for Gardening too! Lots of birds out, theyre excellent company when youre digging the weeds.

Love to All,

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