Monday, December 12, 2011

Mandarin Satsuma Miho

First fruit of 2011 - Bloody Butcher Babies!

Poppy Head, still no showing of colour... Exciting!

Another gorgeous morning in Christchurch, New Zealand.
My furry friends have been out there *helping* me with the composting... See below for some cute furries!

Washington - Rubbing on the sticks that are put there to deter poohing in mummys garden!
See Zander lying in the polystyrene box behind. They all love those boxes, they must be quite warm.

We have water restrictions, and today is not my watering day, so weeding it is, well once the coffee break is over!... We have 26 degrees promised today, which is great for the tomatoes. Not so great for us who wish to have our beds tidy and weed-free for Xmas... but of course, Ive learnt, Gardens are always a work in progress, and as so, are never weed-free.

Parsley Babies... Yum!

Theres always some little unwanted plant creeping up somewhere!
Next year I hope to have some swan plants in, to attract the butterflies. My efforts as such this year are the buddleias - I have a creamy peach one to pick up tomorrow. Below youll see the Barbie Pink one. I also hope to gather others, I love their flowers, they remind me of lilacs, which I hope to have one of eventually too... Then theres Spindleberry, I love their wee berries... Oh heck. Add it to the Plants To Gather list!!

Buddleia. This one is lipstick pink. Like HOT pink!
Barbie Buddleia!

We have Kereru, or  NZ Native Wood Pigeons in the trees at the back. They dont stay long, but they nibble the plums next door. I think they must come from Woodham Park which is around the road from us. It is wonderful to see them, though they never stay long enough, big fat luscious berry-eating, branch benders that they are. Theyre far bigger than anything else we have visiting us, and their wings make a definitive noise when they fly!

Maori Potato with flowers. Im new to potato growing, with mixed success. Next season will be better!

The Eau-de-cologne Mint from Miss B along the road is growing nicely.
The scent is quite unusual. She also gave me Sweet Cicely which has made itself at home and is quite sweet indeed,  has an earthy after taste with it.

We have two stevia plants that I love. How awesome to know you have sugar when you dont have sugar *grin*

Another thing to do, is to figure out where to put grains. I really am itching to try growing something to provide us with a versatile grain...
Im hooking into Kay Baxters book Koanga Gardens Garden Guide. It is awesome, and very informative for NZers and their gardens... I aim to get my own copy, the library wants theirs back!!

Well thats it for today.
Im glad I wrote, its more real when its there in pictures, and I can look back. I just need to put aside some time to write more often...
Hope youre all enjoying the Spirit of the Season, whatever your beliefs, traditions, culture or location.

Be kind to Yourself,


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