Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone... Rock n Roll Around The Clock in Christchurch!

A good nights sleep? Seriously, dont come to Canterbury for one of those at the moment. We get good nights, and then theres Last Night.
We went to sleep just after elevenish. I say ish, because I cant quite remember when, but a goodly time after eleven. Wouldve gone earlier, but with these new type of *creep-up-on-ya* type Eqs, we got a 4.0 at ten pm. It raises the bp a bit, so we sat on a little.
Two pm, and all hell breaks loose. It was a 5.1 and in the dark of night, theyre quite nasty.
Two of us hang on and wait for Number Three to join us. Thank God, she slept through. I have not. Its been a Rock n Roll kinda night.
The unusual thing is, the weather, yesterday was gorgeous - this morning we are in a grey wash of drizzly rain and low grey skies. From the *Earthquake Sky* we  talk about, with high blue sky and weird clouds, to THIS? Odd.
But. The Garden loves drizzle and grey clouds!!
Just not too much of it please, cos we need the heat for our fruiting plants... And our growing ones.
The Pumpkins are looking great, the fruit of which there are two at the moment have other buds appearing...
The Tomatoes are looking promising, some are quite sizeable, though no sign of the blush of red yet.
Speaking of red... Scarlet Runner Beans are blossoming everywhere. I have borlottis sizing up, but they are somewhat hidden by  enthusiastic Albenga Oxheart tomatoes at present.
Our Sunflowers are doing their thing, getting taller and taller. One is well over six foot, and has grown considerably since Christmas Day when we measured.

So while the Earth turns, and the weather changes, and we Rock On, its mainly all good...
I can do without the five oclock starts, or the rolling and rocking, but it does make you realise how lucky you are!

Happy New Year,
I hope 2012 brings you Joy, and Peace, and Happiness.
And that your Garden brings you much the same, and your Gardening Year is fruitful and trouble-free.
Oophs there we go again, Rock On Cantabs!


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  1. Hopefully today is more peaceful. Not loving those earlier starts either!