Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rain following the wind... January Snow...How does your Garden Grow?

Sunflowers over 6ft before wind

Rain Following the Wind...
Long time not a lot of  blogging going on, but news has been scarce around here. Its not that we havent done things, its been a lack of camera, and theres only so many stories you can write about without pics...
News to hand is... its raining.
Not just a little bit, but hard rain. Weve had a lot of rain in a short time. Yesterday was mucky and drizzly with some pelting thunder/lightening storms. Today its not mucking around, its serious rain, hard and heavy. The gardens needed rain, but the people who are in Red Zone houses with holes did not.
Nature at its best out there though, providing for its own (plants)
Last week was horrendously windy.
The garden suffered, and everything got trussed up, Ive had to cut back my echinaceas to my sorrow, both plants ended up losing hunks to the wind. Ive tried to salvage the bits that fell off, they both had roots. We shall see! Fingers xed! The blooms have been gorgeous, scented and my favourite - PINK!

So its the middle of the night. Its cold outside, and nice and cosy in here.
Mid Summer... believe it or not :)
I cant sleep, and after pulling muscles in my arms doing some major weeding jobs, (yes... that shows how tough the ground is here!!) sleep has been precious in the past two weeks.
We have a new piece of garden, and some new plants. In fact, they just keep coming.
We have a new Clementine tangelo/mandarin who is potted, two new blueberries - Tif Blue and Centurion.
They went into the new plot, and I was surprised when I picked them up to see that they had fruit on them. Good Lookin!! Cant wait to see how many last the distance.
Our Satsuma *Miho* is looking good.
It had small tiny buttons for fruit on it when it arrived pre-Xmas. The tiny buttons are now $1 coin size.
The horsey poo water is fertilizing things nicely, Ive added supa-gro to some of the pots to help things grow on. Im hoping to mulch some hay or straw in in the next few weeks, should finances allow.

Our own compost pile is looking good, it will sit over winter, and I ll put black plastic over it... just like a real farmer and silage :)

January Snow? - Who'd have thought we would get snow in January. Not here, but nearby in Porters Pass area. Its crazy! It leaves us believing that the seasons are changing into a myriad of different things. Perhaps we are amidst this Climate Change thing we hear so much about, and afraid of. I think the whole *Intuitive* gardening helps get through this. Mulching to keep our plants happy, and turning over the soil regularly making sure it doesnt clog with water... Here we are near enough to the water table that it could mean raised beds are neccessary to alleviate any flooding. I think our problem will be if we dont get enough sunny days, nothing will ripen fast enough and you get fruit rotting before it ripens.
Ive thought about these issues, and by far I dont have answers, just want to trial different things to see if they work. One thing is using thermal mass around the garden. Walls of brick to keep things warm for instance. I have built up, bricked-in trenches or edges that Ive got tomatoes in, around the edge of my pathways which are cement. The sun reflects off the cement and the heat of the bricks keeps the soil warmer than the bigger beds. These tomatoes are always the first to fruit, first to ripen... ONLY ones to ripen so far this year. We are at least a month behind where we were last year, and two months behind the North Island from what I read on popular gardening forums. Id hate us to get even less growing season, but if that happens, I have to invest in some glass for a glass house or similar. I simply cant NOT grow things :-)

Because I rent, I cant bear the thought of putting things into the ground and not being able to take them with me. So I pot.
I have some rather large pots now, and I am really waiting for Superman to call in when I need to shift. Cos Im thinkin he will be the only one who can lift the pots!!
Ahh well, maybe Earth Changes will happen and I ll swap my trailer for a Chinese Junk and we can sail to Gardening Heaven?

Home grown Potatoes!
Thats possibly enough of my Mid-Night Ravings, and I should possibly go back to bed and sleep.
Ahh, if only.
Seeding Sunflower

Akane Apple - just the one this year!

Tif Blue Blueberry!

Potatoes with a purple flower, pretty!

Stunning Carrot flower (Nutri-Red)

Bloody Butcher Tomato Babies, Yum!

Black Zebra. Can see the stripes, no black yet.

Jaune du coeur de pigeon - Yellow pigeon egg sized tomatoes
So thats us.

How about this for a Happy Earthquake Song? Love it! SEE YOUTUBE HERE

Take care out there.
I hope youre all well, and happy.
The shaking (aftershocks) - dare I mention? They are easing. For now.
There are other parts of the country that have had shaking too, so life in NZ where ever you move is going to be tenuous.

School goes back soon, and Im not looking forward to being without my Littles.
So Im not thinking about that, and trying to make the best of the time we have left together.

Love to All
Happy Gardening :)


PS - AFTERSHOCK. See, it never ever pays to mention Mother Nature :)
That gave me a good fright, it was centred around the road, about 3k away and sent the ball of fluff on my knee flying.
Washington, Old Girl

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