Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finding The Sunshine - Links - Good Things Happening...

Turn your face towards the sunshine,
and the shadows will fall behind...

Some Links -

Hard to find the Sunshine in Christchurch - apart from the intermittent, sometimes fleeting sun we get outside, the news media seemingly focus on the negatives of our City Rebuild.
Things like crime and domestic violence, depression and PTSD are on the rise, there are holes and cracks in peoples lives and homes, unemployment is rising, and now our city Mayor and Councillors are at odds.
It really does seem sometimes that the negativity is never ending.
Im taking myself away from the negativity.
I limit what we watch on TV, tending to spend more time away from the news, not reading the message boards and such. Its called self-preservation, and I think my Garden is more deserving of my time.
It isnt my lack of empathy, but rather the opposite. It affects me greatly to hear the sadness, the unhappiness, the suffering of others... I wish they had positive things to fill their lives with that provided people with a feeling of peace and some Hope! I saw this quote above today and thought it was perfect!
So Im turning my face towards the sunshine... let the shadows bugger off and leave me to it~!

Some Good Things...
Well. We spent the weekend boiling water, because as Murphys Law would have it, the gas bottle ran out on Friday night, and ... they dont deliver until Monday, if I ordered on Monday, it would probably be delivered on Tuesday. BUT - Monday was a Holiday --- Waitangi Day. So, it was a lick and a splash in boiled water over the weekend, it just shows how you can get by if you have to...
Doesnt sound so positive does it? The positive thing was, we managed, regardless. When I rang, I was far further in credit in my account than I thought... Its the small things that count, and this made my day when I ordered the gas bottle... Small Steps... and boy hot water out of the tap ROCKS!

NOTE --- We seem to have another cluster of Aftershocks happening at present. There were a few mid 4s last night I think - I didnt check the size, but you get good at gauging whats what depending on how fast you have to move to the door before it stops :-)
If youre in Canterbury - KEEP YOUR EMERGENCY KIT WELL STOCKED and BE PREPARED. It isnt doom-saying or building negativity - it is REALITY.

THE REALITY of our situation is - We live in a city on active fault lines. We need to be prepared at all times.

3 litres of water per person, per day for at least 3 days
Toilet paper
Plastic bags for waste/rubbish
Non-perishable foods for at least three days
Warm Clothing
Stable Footwear
First Aid Kit
DONT FORGET Sanitary items ie pads, tampons
Formula if required
CAT AND DOG FOOD and Water for your pets...


BIG TOMATOES, and little ones - Yes, theyre growing. We have some Big Boy Tomatoes, Russian Reds, Purple Calabash and Tomato Chocolate, theyre all big ones - Slowly theyre turning and colouring up, and we are enjoying the variety... The ones we are eating almost off the bush because theyre so sweet is the Jaune de Coeur du Pigeon - theyre small, pear shaped and very yellow, extremely sweet! We are going to save some seed from these ones so we can enjoy them again! Very nice on pizza!

The smell of basil, tomatoes, garlic and red onions was delish when we made our pasta the other night. We added chopped ham and some cheese sauce, YUM! Everyone wanted more!

You never find hairs on an elephant
but you always find hairs on an ape
and it's only the hairs on a gooseberry
that stop it ftom being a grape

Ive been potting up some cuttings from our berries in the hope they might take. Ive got some gooseberries, some raspberries and lots of strawberries. Im promising myself a proper bed for the strawberries this year, rather than just popping them in. They were an impulse buy at the supermarket, and I really needed to be better prepared. Im working on it :)
The pumpkins continue to do really well. Im so pleased. I get the biggest sense of satisfaction when I see how big theyre getting. Squash, I think *Golden Nugget* reminds me of my father. It was a variety he used to grow when I was young. I remember him bringing them inside, and me running my hand down the wrinkly hard skin. We have some green ones with yellow bands down them too.
Im not sure of variety because whatever I thought I was growing hasnt turned out that way!! I had thought I was growing a Winter Deluxe Pie, but it doesnt look that way yet... Time will tell :)
The lavender (grosso) has grown very well this year. I just took some snippets off the bigger plants, and shoved them in my shaded area. Theyve grown miraculously. Im so pleased, lavender is my favourite plant...
And I see we have some success with the other cuttings too, mostly fuschia, unknown varieties, and some roses.
We picked up some nigella seed pods yesterday on our way home from school. Theyve got cunning little black seeds inside, and Im saving some for next season. They were growing on the side of the path, and obviously have come from someones abandoned redzone home, amongst some calendula and some other flowers. There is also a huge feijoa which Im keeping my eye on. Id like to take cuttings, but Im not sure yet just how to do that... Im reading :)
Amazing how despite the conditions, the plants keep going... Theres a huge pile of liquefaction in the middle of our local park. Imagine my surprise (and delight) to recognize a growing vine of pumpkin, complete with big yellow flowers, growing up like Topsy, right there. Awesome.
I do wonder how long it will last before someone decides to uproot it, run over it or pluck the flowers from it... Thats Life.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better...Albert Einstein

Well, I guess its time to stop talking about things and get out there...
There are weeds calling my name, and the breeze has dropped for now.
I hope things are going well for you, and your garden is bringing you joy.

Love to all,


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