Friday, February 10, 2012

Pics from the Past & Present - Bricking It in Avonside!

Younger Days
Its becoming apparent
Im going to need a new phone soon.
My old one, according to my 18yr old is *Beyond It* and needs replacing soon. This one has a camera, and today Ive finally worked out (after 4 years!) how to send myself the pics to my email. Safe to say, I ll never be up with the Techno stuff. Im an old-fashun gal!

Car Ride

Swinging at the Park

Big Eyes

Pjs and All

So after fiddling around, Ive got some of the older photos of times long gone-by.
Its amazing how quickly the children grow and change. Dont mind me whilst I reminsce and plaster my page with photos of my babies... Theres others too, theyre not all cutesy and kidlike...

Oven Project - Build Two

 ...Like Todays Project.
Ive been reading up about making my own pizza oven. Im fascinated by adobe bricks, clay cob ovens, pizza ovens and the like. I wish I had my own piece of land to make a fire pit on, or some kind of oven... but I havent, and I cant make anything permanent... So Im improvising.
I tried the 16 brick rocket oven ( see it on Youtube) I liked it, I appreciate its place, and the value it has... but I wanted something a little bigger...
So here it is. My second version, very rough at this stage...and it will need some work, a bit of a mortar mix is in store, but Im pleased, and it passed its first little *fire-up* this afternoon, despite the drizzle and the lack of decent firewood.

This wonderful structure is created from red bricks, ex-chimney. Theres lots of those available around Christchurch at the moment, and they make good borders for vegetable gardens. There are also slate floor tiles in there, they were being given away on Freecycle, and I just happened to live around the corner. It beats them being thrown into a landfill, eh?

Toms, Zucchini and Green Beans a-plenty!
So thats our Friday. The Week That Was has Been and Gone!
Weve had both kids getting immunizations this week, and its been intermittent good weather. Today is totally bailed on us, and we have whizzly wet drizzle and a strong breeze that makes us wonder if the tomatoes will ever ripen!!

Jaune De Coeur Du Pigeon

Comfrey Tea Mixed for Garden

We have some on show though (see above) - and we love the little yellow pear-shaped ones.
We also have a bucket of wonderful big juicy plums that are ear-marked for plum jam.
Thanks for those Mr Next Door Neighbour :)

Hope all is happy and well at Your Place,
Love and Blessings

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