Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brrr Frost you say? ... KEEP WARM PEOPLE!!

Greetings from the bitterfly cold Garden City.
It certainly is frosty this week! Ive been a bit busy this week with one thing and another, and its proven to be a challenge not to run inside and find a warm place to tarry.
I dont mind the frosty mornings when I have a full complement of warm clothing, but where did that bitter wind swing from? It drops the temp down completely. Thank god for woollen hats.
And for the wonderful help our schools receive from KidsCan. You guys ROCK :-)
They have provided warm lined & waterproof jackets to some of our local schools, and these kids NEED the warmth provided... Have a read on their site - FINALLY a charity that HELPS LOCAL CHILDREN. It isnt sending money for food to children in Africa, It isnt helping wild animals survive and breed, it is putting children first. And I think its the right place to start - here. In NZ. Our children.
THANK YOU from a Mum who really appreciates you helping our neighbourhood!

Mr 12 and I had a great day yesterday, once the business side of things was over (doctor) I think half of Canterbury is at the doctors this week, Ive heard of so much ill health...
Keeping our houses warm is so hard! I know we are not as bad as some, but Weve doubled our efforts here. Having gaps in gib and holes in the floor doesnt help keep the heat in however. The heat pump IS struggling. One heat pump in a disorganized style of house like ours, is hopeless.

Ive heard of people putting bubble wrap on windows as insulation, to keep the heat in.
Theres also window insulation you can purchase... but whose got the extra dosh after paying the power bill?

Have a look HERE - Perhaps you qualify for the Red cross Winter Assistance Grant. Seriously. If in need - APPLY Because this is why the money is available... We cant have our elderly, sick and young people suffering.  Wear layers, gloves, hats, scarves...
IF you HAVE EXTRA gloves, hats, scarves, blankets, hot water bottles -  how about donating them?
It makes such a difference to someone who cant afford to get their own. The Salvation Army, the Red Cross, will take them. Im sure there are other places who will take them too, Church groups etc. 
Here in Canterbury we NEED to look after our own neighbourhoods, our children, our people.

We use our hot water bottles and extra blankets at night. And theres no way its a fashion competition when going to bed, its layers baby!, any colour but layers... ooh la la, trendy!  Little One has leg warmers this year to put over her pants. She loves them, and Ive had several comments on the idea. The thing is - I  upcycled a black mohair jersey (adults) to make them... I used the arms, cut them off the jersey, measured how long I needed them, to just above her knee, then I cuffed them, with elastic in the hem, top and bottom, and they work nicely. Toasty warm. Im tempted to make myself some wrist warmers too... Mr 12 isnt interested, he would rather die than be seen in something Mum made *grin* oh. Except for his beanie. His ears are warm... and theres no chance of earache with that much snuggly wool  around his head.

Again I say... Thank God for the generosity of SHEEP - Thanks for wool  LMAO 

Fill them up in the mornings - CEREAL is great, with some fruit, but PORRIDGE is hot, sticks to their ribs, is digested slowly and fills them up for longer... Warm Porridge ... yumm!!
My kids are ALWAYS eating at this time of the year. Noodles, Fruit, Toast, Pikelets, Scones... The kids love helping make things.
Variety is good.

The kids seed envelope stuffing

DONT FORGET ... If you want some seeds to help you with next seasons garden, drop me a line
There are plenty available, and I want to share with you! 

Thank You for reading my blog.
I wish I could do more to help where it is needed.
Take care, and remember Hugs keep you Warm :)


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