Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quake News... Video of the City Centre and Preparing Things

Sometimes things on here (esp lately~) are nothing to do with Gardening or Butterflies *grin*...
Found this on Stuff.
Its the updated video of what is happening inside our city centre.
The Red Zone... sounds so ominous. It is definitely a hive of activity, past and present - hard to identify where you are. Thank God we are seeing some progress. Now, what about those houses eh. Time to move along.
Its about PEOPLE not BUILDINGS. Right?
The latest aftershock of size was this morning ... A Four on the richter scale, gave most of us a wee fright, Im sure. Just when you think we are moving on to better things and you get a shake-up :) LINK Belfast got centred  by it this morning!

Its things like THIS HERE that make you go BOOOOO!!! - We have heard this story before, havent we?  Because its scary... we need to keep preparations foremost in our minds, quietly preparing, gently preparing... we (as families, parents, communities)  cannot change what we do not know, but we can learn what we NEED to know to cope...
But these wide and erratic predictions do nothing but feed and spread fear which stymies any growth. I think the media and other responsible bodies need to be cracked over their collective heads for allowing these stories to gather any credence. Give us knowledge - teach people what they need to know to cope, dont feed them part of the story and let them wonder? Another LINK  

Some things below to think about... do, plan.. save etc.

Alter the plan as you need to.
Let others know what your plan is, in case you need to be found for any reason.
Where do you meet in an emergency?
Who picks up who?
What are alternatives?
Who do the children trust in an emergency?
Talk it through with your partner, your family, your children. Even your work-mates.
Use possible situations like...
What would we do if ...
Where would you go if Mum wasnt here...
If Dad couldnt get to...
Help the kids understand and  listen to their ideas,  explaining things in simple terms, a calm voice,  no need to add too many details, answer their questions - if theyre like my children, they may have many.

Know what you need and have it handy - especially Formula, Bottles etc, Nappies, Sanitary Pads etc, Warm clothing and MEDICATIONS. Batteries, Radio, Childrens favourite toys/cuddly - Maps if required.
A leash for the dog. Dog/Cat food.

Just in case you need to get out.

Prepare - buy what you can, know what you can make do with, or gather alternatives.
Necessity is the Mother of Invention :-)
LEARN - Read what you can, know about the possibilities, without feeling the fear. Mind power is awesome. Believe in the possibilities.
Positive Ideas, feelings and outcomes.

PLEASE  Dont leave it to the last minute. 

Fill and Store Water Bottles and Refill them regularly (2-3 months)
First Aid Kit - gather what you need now, and have one in your car

Have a wee read HERE and be prepared

THE NZ SHAKEOUTAt 9.26am on Wednesday 26 September, we aim to have one million participants in the New Zealand Shake Out earthquake drill, the first ShakeOut drill held nationwide in any country!

Participants at home, work and school will practice "Drop, Cover and Hold"—the right action to take in an earthquake...

Im not talking about fearful worrying panics. Im thinking things through, talking, planning, overcoming issues, surrounding yourself in the knowledge we will get through whatever comes our way.

Love, Blessings

And Warm thoughts...

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