Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Shortest Day...

It sure is Winter!

After the last fortnight, I think cabin fever is rife around here. Ive been knitting some beanies to help ward away the cold!
Its been so wet and cold, snow, rain, sleet, hail, watery sun. We've had The works!
I keep telling myself that this is good. And this too shall pass :)  It means all the soil in the garden gets cleansed, and all the bad things in it get washed away, then it gets frozen so the soil is clean and ready to go in the Spring. I just dont like wet feet. Or Icy sidewalks, Soggy socks, holes in gumboots... yuk :)

We've had a lot of illness in our schools these past two weeks, and its worrying that our children dont have the strong immune systems they might have once. We as parents, need to work on that. Fresh fruit and Veggies. Expensive as ever at this time of the year, when we dont have them in great supply in the garden (Im down to onions, toms (inside) and Silverbeet! ... even if the local supermarket has 1kg of frozen veg for just 99.c - an awesome special - its a good start though.
The Intermediate school my son goes to gave Flu injections free this year. A first. Oddly, they have been down to just 7 at school out of 30 last Friday! Its a worry! After speaking to his teacher, she hasnt had a full complement of 32 in about a month.

Cant wait to start the new seasons growing.
It seems ages since I went out for a morning in the Garden. Ive pulled it all out, the citrus and pots are under cover, waiting for some warmth, which, without being too hopeful may happen this weekend if the weather man has it right :)

There are the odd eqs still happening too, but theyre getting smaller, less often, and wide spread. We share them with a lot of other parts of New Zealand at the moment, and... even Melbourne, Australia. Poor Sods, its scary.
No matter what size, when you least expect it, it is SCARY.

So yeah, Happy Shortest Day.
This means we are half way to Spring? I sure hope so...
Did you plant your Garlic? ... Do you have plans for your new seasons Garden? Ive finally listed some seeds on a local auction site, but Im also giving them away where I can, it makes good sense.
Herbs, Vegetables... dont forget the companion planting...Marigolds, calendula, tansy, and lots more... Then theres mulch and compost, a light fertilizer, working into the soil while you work at keeping warm inside!

Thats me for now,
Stay Warm, stay safe,
Roll On Spring...

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