Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Something Old + Something Old = Something New!

Lets talk about old things...clutter, junk...?
What to do with it all? If in doubt, Chuck it Out - was my new mantra. If it gathers dust around here, its gone. And boy there must be a lot of dust, theres a lot of dust gathers going... but what do you do with the things you cant really sell, and are just too good to throw out?
How about that Upcycling trend? Creativity aside, its good in so many other ways. Taking something old, add something else you dont want, and get something completely different -rebirthing them into something completely new and exciting... it prevents everything getting tossed into the tip, regardless of age and usefulness! Why? A greener way to recycle. Its fun. Im for that!

Have a look at the links ... the latest project Im doing is using a strip of old tshirts, weaving them ON A HULA HOOP, to make something rug-like, if Im really lucky :) It beats the manky carpet we have at the moment.
The really creative amongst us do things like this - Upcycling dresses in the wardrobe - which has to help with our fashion dollars!
What about this one... If straight sewing is more your thing - Sheet to Shirt Conversion - I love this idea, and this bloggess has so many other good crafty things to do!
Or this - still on the skirt front - A Shirt into a Skirt - easy done. The Instructables website always has clever ideas.
Away from the fabric ideas, how about this one - A Salad Table. Of course, some of you have done this, filling old baths and laundry tubs with herbs and veggies, for years, but this is a great idea if you dont have lots of space, or the landlord is against a garden.

Some absolutely awesome ideas here at Inhabit. I love the ideas people have with every day stuff.
A new look at using bottles in building - Heineken  or how about Tyres? And a bbq grill out of a computer fan?

And lastly, for now... What to do with wooden pallets? Heres 20 Ideas for the DIY-ist in us all...
Loving that bicycle trailer!

Hope all are safe and warm,
Take care

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