Monday, July 23, 2012

Kia Ora!

Its Maori Language Week!
Celebrate Te Reo, and learn some new words. Its fun, and it is easy now with internet access!
Im trying to teach Miss 5 how to pronounce some of the place names.
If youre looking to expand your knowledge for Maori Language week, I found this site -Korero Maori- awesome! As are the work sheets sent home from school! :)

If youre wanting a sing-a-long, we found this site.
NZ Folksong
It has some of the old favourites - Oma Rapeti, The Colour Song, and even Jingle Bells, in Maori! Ka pai!

Oma rāpeti, oma rāpeti
Oma, oma, oma
Oma rāpeti, oma rāpeti
Pūhia te kaiako

Pako pako pako
Ko te tangi ō te pū
Oma rāpeti, oma rāpeti
Oma, oma, oma
     Run rabbit, run rabbit
Run, run, run
Run rabbit, run rabbit
Shoot the teacher

Bang, bang, bang
goes the farmer's gun
Run rabbit, run rabbit
Run, run, run

(to the tune of Run, Rabbit, Run)

Ive just been looking in the garden this morning, its amazed me how many you can fit in such a small place. I think Spring must be around the corner, this morning it is heavy cloud and cold, - I saw my first Monarch butterfly winging his way along. I hope this is a good sign. It was a big one, so where ever he is living, hes eating well :)

My heart goes out to those in the North, coping with such brutal weather, flooding and the likes. I hope it shores up soon and life can get back to what it once was, or better!

Another Icon passes through - Bless you Margaret Mahy! Your stories will be cherished, they are already.

Roll On Spring breezes and sunny days.
Hope your garden is growing well,
Take Care


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