Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Planning and Planting - Almost that time again!~

Its almost planting time again!
I love this time of year.  The days have been very long while it has been wet, but Ive dug over some of the front garden and Ive made a list, and checked it twice (or more!)
I just cant wait to get out there, seeds in hand.
Im waiting to see if some of the cuttings Ive taken will actually grow, and Ive sprinkled some seeds around the place in the hope theyll spring forth and liven up the bare spots in the garden as companion plants (marigolds and calendula). I see borage is coming up already, also bulbs - some narcissus, to remind us that Spring isnt far away. The hollyhocks and poppies will be fantastic.
I cant wait for tomato season. I miss fresh tomatoes, basil and lettuce... but it wont be long and the lettuce will be back... I have frilled cos raising its head already, and buttercrunch have just sprouted. The new mesculun bed is looking promising amongst the little sticks Ive also planted, to keep cats out.

If we get some harsh frosts, I have made little cloches out of drink bottles, so ... hopefully theyll help.
Im starting off seeds inside too. The school are doing Scarlet Runner beans, per child, and a Sunflower plant, per child as they learn about seeds, Spring and nutrition.  Im glad I can pass the seeds along, its a good thing. Just wish I could do more.
The class gardens are going to be dug over at the end of the month, and then we can get going with the planting!

I had some lemon and kowhai seeds in the fridge, and have taken them out to get them started. I nicked the end of each kowhai seed, and will they take off quite nicely after that. I have about a dozen three inch high seedlings from last Summer, so maybe I will make good progress with these ones too. The lemon seeds are a bit stubborn, but they seem to kick off once it gets warmer. Last years lemon pips are now small but healthy trees - about two inches tall. Yes, I know... slow. But hey, Im not going anywhere, I have time to wait and watch them grow...
Then theres the Quince seeds. Theyve started to germinate. Fingers crossed I can get them to grow too.

Not much else happening on the gardening front...but its a time of promise. Soon, little butterfly, soon!! :)
Loving the sunshine, even these cooler days with no wind are great.
Watching the Olympics is a good excuse to stay inside :-)

Love to all,

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