Thursday, July 12, 2012

Washington the cat... Walk on the Beach, Aloe, Aloe?

We have our own star, our own LOLCat. I dont know if youve ever seen the website, but my two Littles love flicking through it. So we took our own photo of our quaky cat - Washington.
Shes finding winter brisk this year, in her advancing years (you know what its like :-) )
So here she is, showing me the foundations of our house. She does the silent miaow at me, and talks constantly sometimes, which makes me think she might be my mother-in-law reincarnated...Yes, they need replacing Washington... she is not impressed.
I think shes part Persian, or maybe the wind changed?...

Have been for a jaunt to the beach, it was wet and sandy ... a bit chilly (hats etc), but the sun was fantastic! We saw birds, hills, sun... and noone got their feet wet for a change *grin*


The Culprit...
Have been  checking the Aloe veras, planting the small pups into their own pots. Am using a different mix this year, to see if  I can get them to root deeper into the soil. Its a blend of indoor plant mix and orchid mix. So far, so good theyre starting to plump out into bigger plants. Have almost 40 plants now, have started to give some of the larger ones to new homes. Im running out of room!

Cant believe the holidays are nearly over yet again. In a city where people find work, Im very proud to say my Mr almost-16 has just found a part time job. Hes really pleased and cant wait til his first day! Well done You!

Well, Im off to a warmer place,
Hope you sleep well!
Keep Warm

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