Monday, July 9, 2012

This Old House... Clearing the Way... Spring Forward!

This Old house indeed...
It is full of cracks and this week, it seems to have developed a squeak - it now has an identifying squeak when theres a truck going past or theres an aftershock. Its been quite audible overnight and it sounds like we have mice. Better than Bats in the Belfry, I say :)
We are all concerned about the excessive speeds down our street of late, and I see one of the neighbours has sprayed big *30* signs on the road in spray paint,  to encourage people to slow down, but it doesnt seem to have worked. We have more traffic than ever before, given our main thoroughfare is blocked off and down to one way so crossing over our street, is like playing Chicken.
It isnt surprising, about the squeaky house, everywhere you look we have road works, diggers, noise, dust etc - on all sides at the moment, even our side road is blocked off with people rearranging road cones, leaning on shovels with their bright orange vests and hard hats on.
They may be filling in the crater that appeared after last weeks eq. Its quite an impressive size. With all this rain, it has filled with water, and I do wonder when we will get our own water feature. You know, you want what the neighbours have, right?... not so much, in this case :)
Its a familiar site around Christchurch though, those deep holes in the road, surrounded by road cones... theres no forgetting where you are, especially when you drive into one!

Things to be grateful for, there are a few - AWESOME WEATHER - it has taken on good form the past couple of days, and it is glorious to see the sun! We have got out and about, and taken advantage of the heat. It wont be long and it will be seed planting time again, how quickly it comes about.
I have started PLANNING THE GARDEN for this season. And clearing out the weeds that have grown over the cold snap. Im sure there will be other cold bits, but I might as well get ahead while I can.

Its nice to see some of the SEEDS COMING UP already. (self sown ones) We have a fine crop of 3 kinds of lettuce, some kind of onion and beans, and the silverbeet has survived well. I cant say the kids are keen about that :) but I am.
The berry plants have buds and are growing away quickly. Black currants, red currants, raspberries... We also have lots of self-sown plants, I love discovering them all. Strawberry, Borage, calendula and chamomile, marigold and some native trees. Ive also found some bits  I plucked off trees and bushes have grown, so  Ive got myself a fine start on a forest :)

We have been FEEDING THE BIRDS, and love watching them out the window. The bird feeders we made have been great, the birds come back again and again - carefully dodging our clumsy cats and their efforts to catch either a tasty bird treat, or climbing the tree to see if they can reach the fat with seeds in it... No luck, thank goodness theyre all far too well fed.  We have wax eyes, starlings and sparrows as usual, but also a family of three magpies, which have ventured over from the park. Theyre very polite, and wait up on the lines until Ive put the bread out before they come down.

Back to the Garden... Let is Spring, I say!
Thanks to some kind friends, I swapped some lavender for some vege seedlings, and I have a good bunch of seedlings and some mint to put in. Im going to isolate this mint, given it grows here like crazy, and we have some already that just takes over... it doesnt even mind the concrete, it just pops up through the cracks, but I have found that boiling water takes care of that. I also have an eau-de-cologne mint, which is lovely. I really like the smell of it, and have just recently been shown how to make a tea with lemon balm, the mint and honey. Very nice!

On My List of Must-haves this year - more carrots, more onions (more than I planted last year!) more potatoes in several varieties. Oh and Yams... Parsley, Basil and Coriander in successive plantings... and Im sure there will be other things later :)

Everyone is KEEPING WELL, despite the Winter chills. Its been a really crazy SCHOOL HOLIDAYS, but we are managing to use our time together wisely... Baking carrot cake, doing some art classes with Miss B, Reading, visiting, walking, taking some cool sea photos, packing some seeds, going to Kaikoura, going fishing (and catching a SALMON! wahoo!) and catching crabs on a handline. Lots of neat stuff. Making up for the time we spent last holidays in the hospital or at home, waiting for news.

Lots to get on with, and it looks like today might be another day outside, around in the garden.
Yes, thats why Im up early.
Roll on July!
Hope you are all safe and well,
Keep Warm
E Butterfly

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