Thursday, August 30, 2012

High Tea and Birthday Cake - Spring Fling

It cant possibly be a week since we celebrated Arlais' 6th birthday surely?
The week has slid by very smoothly, and Missy is enjoying being six. She has asked constantly what she has to look forward to, being six now. What will happen in the next 12 months? Heck, I dont know... I ve stopped asking that myself... Apart from losing more front teeth, and learning how to read and write, what else happens habitually as you turn from six to seven? ...
We had cake, of course. We all love cake.

Thank Goodness for family - while some forgot, the others did her proud - they gave her some beautiful gifts, including a biscuit (cookie) maker. It wasnt about the gifts for Arlais, it was about the FOOD! Pink Lemonade, and High Tea in cups and saucers. Crackers and Dip, Chips and cheese.
Arlais' Lemon Cupcakes

Arlais made the perfect Hostess, she offered food around, and kept her visitors engaged with her excited chatter.
Missy chose her cake, and we had butterflies and big balloons.
Who doesnt love cocktail sausages  with their chocolate gateaux, topped with six pink and purple candles ?

The Birthday Girl was exhausted by seven oclock, and Im sure it was all the chasing of balloons.
The tea set gets carefully washed and packed away, and as long as there are no more big earthquakes, it will be brought out again next year for another round of High Tea.  Happy Birthday Darling Girl! You made a fantastic Five Year Old, and you make a Gorgeous Amazing Six Year Old! We love you so much!

As it gets lighter, at nights we have been going for bike rides - Arlais has a shiny new bigger bike, her birthday present from me. She isnt yet as confident as she was with the older one, but it wont take long Im sure, as this girl is an Amazon - tall, beautiful and fearless :) Blaise rides like he is master of the chariot, in fact I some times wonder if hes awake at all, he has a very relaxed pose on his bike :-)

Hmm, why dont I believe this?
She loves being out and about too, naturally curious, and absolutely loves being near the river and seeing what is happening in our neighbourhood. Of course, theres plenty happening, as usual!
It is *that* time of year when change happens - Spring brings new ducklings, goslings, cygnets, in the River.

Miners lettuce - Full of nutritional goodies!

 Then theres the bulbs - a whole band of new plantings along the Avonside area, the Red Zone - where all the houses are being pulled down. Someone has very thoughtfully planted daffodils and narcissus along the walkway. They are a beautiful memorial, and of course in September, we pass another memorial date.

Planting is underway here, Ive sprinkled seeds everywhere... Some more later in the month when things warm up a little. Even inside, Ive started my tomato seeds, with greater success now Ive done it before. Im so looking forward to eating fresh tomatoes. We have missed them!
Poppy  Seedlings
And Basil - nothing goes  with tomatoes as well as Basil. I love the smell, its lemony zing. Theres lettuces everywhere... Ive photographed everything as usual... Bear with me :-)

We have sprouting borage seedlings, some poppys self sown, foxgloves peeking from unusual places, violets creeping down bricks, and cats lying in the sun next to the catnip. Its my favourite time of the year because it brings with it, so much promise. Potential.

Loving My Garden
Love to You
E Butterfly

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