Sunday, September 2, 2012

Springing Forward - Seed Planting at School

Already we are three days into September. I think I was better or more organized last year. I cant remember why... it just feels so.
Tomorrow we anticipate the anniversary of the first Christchurch Earthquake. Im not sure I should mention it, but Ive never felt such low energy, and Im not alone when I say, Im so glad to see the sun! We  have had several days of these low-feeling days - high grey cloud that sticks around, Nor' West Arch skies and so-so pleasant temperatures, without the cool wind of last month. Fingers crossed we can hover through September and October like this!

The garden is looking good, things are starting to pop through the soil and put their heads up.
Its such a great feeling to see them there.
Im still angsting about some of the seeds Ive planted - are they too dry, too wet, will they pop through at all, is it too early, will there be frost...?

My fenugreek seeds this year seem to be taking forever. I love their golden seeds, the plant is a little less impressive.

This morning spent a very  pleasant and enthusiastic hour and a half with a class of new entrants. Five and Six year olds - 22 of them. I have to say, their very capable teachers have them all figured out, and their behaviour was excellent. They are all gorgeous - each their own shiny promise of whats to come.
Interested, curious and full of questions. I cannot remember being that keen at six. I hope I was.

We are learning about seeds. What seeds need to grow, how to plant them, and what happens when they start to grow.
We drew  and coloured pictures for around the outside of our yoghurt pots, which we stuck on.
Then Mr Wood put holes in the bottom of the pots, and put our names on them.
I put soil in the pot, the children pushed their seeds into the soil, and *covered them up* so they will grow. Then, Ms Hunt put their names on stakes, and they are waiting for some water.

I chose beans, sunflowers and pumpkin seeds for the children to grow. They are bigger seeds, easily handled, and for the most part, they should grow easily.  Beans (Scarlet Runner) were mostly picked by the boys, (Jack and the Beanstalk maybe?) and Sunflowers (Russian Giant (5m high) for the girls, but one very enthusiastic wee chap chose a pumpkin (Grey Crown). I asked why, 'Cos they rock! ... Ok, Good stuff!

Thank You for having me Room Two, I really enjoyed my visit, and I look forward to catching up on the seeds and your progress as things grow and change...

As I mention things growing and changing. I am thinking of those who need change, and  those who have experienced a lot of growing in the past two years. Not just in Christchurch, as our Christchurch Earthquake and its effects run far and wide. I hope things even out, that things stabilise and start to grow good from here.

Love to You and Yours,

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