Saturday, September 22, 2012

7 Oclock Closing... Garden Love.

Cant believe it. Ive just dragged myself inside, away from the Garden. It is SEVEN OCLOCK and the day is  just now coming to a very serene and beautiful end.
The sky is a creamy yellow, and in the horizon, streaks of high cloud and the occasional puff of grey clouds, but just little ones. Fingers crossed, tomorrow will follow as one in the same.
I like this time of night, it is so peaceful, and although it is getting dark now and hard to see, the garden looked a good bit tidier than when I began this morning. Bliss - achy bones and satisfaction. Cant wait for tomorrow, and all it has in store.

We were sitting outside having dinner, and admiring the sky, and noticing the plants that are seeding. Giving their all, so they can continue through their seed.  We have tall towers of black kale, and purple cabbage with nodding seed heads, lots of buds full and about to flower.
The calendulas big flower heads are so very noticeable being neon orange in the half light. Like big beacons. Beautiful newly planted pineapple sage flowers look like cheeky little tongues, a good splash of scarlet red as the sun goes down.
 Everything is growing on and on, the small plants becoming bigger with each week. I love this time of year, the time of Promise.

I promise, Im going back there tomorrow :)

Love to You and Yours,

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