Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Great Gardening, lots growing!

What great gardening weather here in Christchurch this week. A shame, I havent been out there a lot this week. Monday saw us out and about in Rangiora, which made for a very interesting and fun day. Its a pretty little place, and we had a good look around, the children had a swim and did some fun activities, theres a neat skate park out there too... must go again!
Tuesday wasnt so quiet either. We had coffee morning with the community group, which is always neat. We got together and had coffee at Allshots, a brilliant little place for intimate chats and divine coffee (and chocolates that are handmade!)  It ended all too soon, and of course, we wont be back together until after the school holidays. I almost cant wait :)
The children had their Duffy books show, and some awards were given. The Garden Children and I planted out some potatoes, and put in the raspberries, a boysenberry and I weeded around the beds. The children have also planted 40 corn seeds. I hope they go well,  room 2 this morning planted their sunflowers next door, as companions. And their beans are already scaling up the wire fence. Yay! Theyve been having a race to see whose bean grew fastest. Im happy to report, all seeds grew, not a one missed which is awesome.
No sad faces :) They were very good at planting their plants and now have something to check in the garden when they get back from holidays.
 I notice we have a sneaky lettuce muncher (or 2)  in our midst. Possibly snails, I think. Theyve not missed a one, but thats ok, we can replace them if they dont rally! We thought last time it was hail stone damage. This time, I think its snails. Time for the good old beer trap.

Have taken some time to do some gardening at home seeing I have the afternoon to myself. It has been a really nice day, and the rain did threaten to spit earlier, but its backed off again. It is a really grey sky, but quite high and still warm. Love it. Perfect for planting out some of the lavender cuttings, have put out the borage seedlings too, and some of the new berry plants are ready for sale. I have about a dozen red and black currants that *took* and are growing well. Have sown quite a number of tomatoes. Not bothered as much this year, will take it as it comes. Have tried a couple of new varieties, but also sowing for over the road too.

Tomatoes for this year -  Yellow Pear, Reisentraube, Guernsey, Black Krim, Sungold, Tommy Toe, Black Cherry, Red Brandywine, Russian Red, Moneymaker, Black Zebra, White Cherry, Black from Tula, Albenga Oxheart and when I get some seed, some yellow Brandywine and Large White.

The raspberries are threatening to take over, so Ive potted up some of those. I think a market might be a good idea for selling them. The strawberries are generally all flowering. The plants are not as big as I had thought they would be, but the flowers are definitely bigger than last year. All except the little white Alpine strawberry. It is sulking, and wont be doing much until it gets a bit warmer, Im thinking. I hope it doesnt die, its Miss 6s favourite plant, and she loves the taste of the fruit.

Well thats it for me,
Hope your School holidays are happy ones, if you have them.
Take care,

Happy Gardening

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