Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kaitiaki - Being a Community Guardian...

Im learning all about the meaning of Kaitiaki. Guardianship.
I want to be a Garden Kaitiaki who protects our soil, our plants, seeds, our gardens, our produce, but also, our children. Our Furture. Nurturing them, solidifying the relationships between them. Inspiring children to think about where their food comes from, how eating healthy can make a difference to their lives.

It is important that our children know about where their food comes from. And that they understand the relationship between good food and health and wellbeing.

Guide and teach them, so they can grow their own food, provide sustenance for their families, for their communities and make good choices for their health and wellbeing.
Bringing it back to where we are here in Christchurch, we need to network within our communities. Our families need to know where their support systems are, and who they can rely on. Not the ones who always want something in return, or demand repayment. It isnt always about repaying the kindness. Sometimes it is best if what is required is given freely.
It isnt about waiting for the next disaster, or feeling shy or embarrassed. It has been noted lately, that poverty in New Zealand is a fact. So no turning of heads, it is time to remedy this with what we have, what we can do. People have become very distanced after all the stressors, and some of us who feel we have something, even something small to offer to others, need to come forward and say - Here... I can help. And if I cant help, perhaps I know someone who can?

My Challenge  -Give something to someone who needs it - Ask for nothing in return... 

Every second person you talk to in Christchurch has a sad story... And there is a sense of helplessness when it is you, and you dont know where to go for help. With the women I sat with this last week, amongst us, we had many qualifications, different skill sets and assorted capabilities. And that was just eight women. Think what we could do if we, as a community, all put our heads together - offering assistance to one another.
The light goes on and the fear dissipates. If one cannot help, perhaps another can, or the suggestions to help the problem at hand may be like brainstorming.
I love Community Hubs, the things they offer that you can see, and the intangible things that they give, that we dont see, to those who need it - compassion, empathy, an ear, a cuppa, a hug, smiles, laughing...healing. Together, and as one, we can provide Kaitiaki. Guardianship.

Simplicity and Gardens
If our Children are introduced to food production at school, to understanding nutrition, composting, an ecological awareness, and cooking and preparing the food they grow -wouldnt this be an amazing start - strengthening skills, gaining independence and boosting self confidence/esteem ?
What an awesome way to supply our children with real-life skills that they will need for the future, that they can pass  it on.
It isnt and doesnt have to be complicated. Age-old solution - a patch of dirt and some seeds.

I am passionate about helping assist change in our communities.
We need to make a difference somewhere now, for fear our children will grow up blind.

From my heart to yours,

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