Wednesday, September 5, 2012

After our fantastic Electrical storm and the thunder and lightening displays over the city the other night, yesterday was another good day, the weather was perfect for gardening. Between the enthusiasm of the little people and the planning we had done earlier, our garden turned into something pretty fantastic in just an exuberant hour.
Drunken Women Lettuce

7 or 8 helpers have planted Sage, Rosemary (upright) and Thyme, Chives, 2 Lavenders (grosso) and 5 strawberries (chandler) and about 40 lettuces! (Buttercrunch, Drunken Woman and Austrian Greenleaf frilled) The children really enjoy helping, but as one pointed out, Weeding is Boring, so the planting is the best thing.
A liberal composting ( horse poo), a sprinkle of blood and bone, a check of the bokashi units, and a flick over with the hose, and they look like theyre at home!

Today is a bit greyer, but the atmosphere is warm, a light breeze. I heard this morning they expect the wind to be a problem later but for now, its really pleasant, and very nice to have all the windows open, and the doors secure so the house airs out. Its SPRING! Definitely has that feeling about it. Time to throw things out, dust things off, and plant like crazy!?

Weve been making soup today - using up all the ends of the vegetables in the freezer, including the last of our tomatoes from last season. Apparently it tastes great... I asked the peeler of the carrots, and she reckons its good...
On to using up the lemons and oranges. We have sewing group tomorrow, so we are going to take some soup and lemon cupcakes IF WE GET THEM MADE in time... Theres a little procrastination going on, I think Miss would rather go for a walk to feed the ducks :)
Who can blame her, the River walk is always interesting, and we are looking at the moment to see if the ducks have ducklings... Its the cute factor.

Have just looked in on the citrus (we now have 9 trees) and Im really pleased to say, they all survived the Winter ( is it over yet?). I thought I had a problem, but the one that had dropped all its leaves has started with new growth everywhere, after my fussing over it. Its great news, as it was our favourite, The Clementine mandarins, which are easy-peel and taste fantastic.

The *Mother* Garden is full and looking promising. It is the shaded garden where my comfrey grows in abundance. I have built up the soil, and mulch with my grass clippings in there. Then I pick bits and pieces off  where I can, and place them into the soil to let them root ( no rooting hormone, just fingers crossed!) It works, and Im pleased to say, this year I will have a few extra currants - unknown as to what colour at this stage, but theyre all welcome. I also noticed the cuttings from the hydrangeas are taking too. Again, not sure on what colour, but theyre going back into my own area, or over in the school maybe, so it doesnt matter about colour at this stage.


Tomorrow Im meeting with a few other community Mums to do some sewing, knitting (or other crafts) and have morning tea together. Im really looking forward to it - its a morning that Im putting aside just so I can get some knitting or sewing done, it never seems that I get enough achieved when I try to do so here at home...And it gives me a heads up on getting some christmas presents made or started, so I can have them done well before December. Ahh to be organized!
Anyone local want to come, youre most welcome...drop me a note below for details!

Well that is what we are up to, it looks like we are going for that walk, Miss has got herself organized.
So, no cupcakes just now. Maybe later :)

Love to You and Yours,

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