Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A day at the Show

What a great day to go to the Canterbury A&P Show with our class - in fact, the whole school attended.
We didnt see Prince Charles & Camilla today,  though we did see a whole lot of animals, and had lots of fun!

We went in the school buses, and arrived early enough to see most things setting up. The children were brilliant, and we walked them around the animal section before lunch, had lunch all together, and broke into our little groups again to spend some time walking about until the buses arrived at two to collect us.

It was lovely to hear the children's comments about the animals. Most of them are born and bred City children. They havent seen a lot of farm animals before, this was a revelation to them. The cows were cool, the calves were neat, but the bulls were stinky (not really, they were all show quality and well cleaned and polished! But the feed (baleage) smelt pretty bad!)  Actually, the bulls were huuuuge!! and we had various comments about double-chins and long tails and... oh, whats that underneath???

It was nice to see some of the horses, we also caught up with the Adopt-A-Greyhound group. The children lay all over the dogs who just took it all, very calmly, licked them, and handled themselves beautifully. What gentle dogs!

We saw lots of machinery, old and new, and the old traction engines fascinated one of children in my group. Hes a smart cookie and couldnt get enough. He had questions beyond my knowledge, so we stopped and had a chat to one of the men.

Not long enough, and it was home time,  the children were loaded on the bus, and we were back at school!

What an awesome day!

Til next time,
Take care

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