Monday, November 12, 2012

Using Lettuce For Good :)

All this talk about Child Poverty in New Zealand, and how it impacts on child health etc... well its had us (in the Parents Group) all thinking about how we could help in our own community.
I had a look around my garden and realized I have far too many lettuces for us to eat - so what to do with them?
How could I share them with the school, and make it available to everyone. Or, should I just take them to the food bank and be done with it...?
I took an idea to school this morning, then to Parents coffee group, and wah-la! We now have a plan.
These ladies are AWESOME, and between 8-10 of us, they can brainstorm like you wouldnt believe (we are also organizing the school end of year event!)

Next week we are having Healthy Sandwich Day.
It is a fund-raiser, ($1.50 a sandwich) that hopefully, will generate some cash for the Parents Group to continue their  future projects, feed our children something healthy and inexpensive, and extend teaching to the children about what is healthy and acceptable to eat - they're already having *No-Wrapper Wednesday* which sounds great...
The challenge there, to the children (and parents) is to have lunches that are wholesome and contain no extra wrappings such as chip packets, muesli-bar wrappers etc. (Prizes will be given!)
So we are having Healthy Sandwich Day and all our parents at our coffee group are donating the requirements to make them, and giving their time to butter bread, grate carrots and shred lettuce etc...

It is all being done to celebrate 5-plus-a-day Month.
Again, Im amazed and happy to see the forward-thinking that happens at Linwood North Primary School.
The teachers, the community and  the parents care, and it makes so much difference to the children attending school to see this in action!

Hopefully if things go well, it will become a regular event throughout the school term!

Better move along,
Lunch is over and Ive got some weeding to be done :)

Til next time,

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