Saturday, November 10, 2012

Family Time... Warm Rain and Show Week!

This week is Canterbury A&P Show and  Racing (Horses) Cup Week. Bring on the Nor' West winds and high blue skies, the pollen that causes hayfever sufferers to retreat indoors, the sunburn for the Race-goers, and you have our usual weather to a T.
 It has been another really busy week, with dentist visits, school awards, Athletics Day, School Fundraising Meetings, and Chisnallwood Community meetings - oh and a trip to town for fishing gear, license and some Christmas shopping. It has been fun, and we are planning to go back soon, before the crowds appear.

Marginal Irises - I dont like them!
On the Garden front, the weather has been rather favourable. Im loving being up early and getting out there, its also very tempting to go out again after dinner while the light holds. But even the Dentist, who is a seasoned gardener, got caught up by the unexpected frost mid-week. He is lamenting the loss of a well-clipped hedge, and blames his *heavy handed pruning approach* - but who would expect it, a zero degree frost in November?... yes, they do happen...
Apart from a few browned leaves on my potatoes, Im lucky I didnt have much of an issue, but its made me wary :) Miss B lost her tomatoes, and I am waiting patiently for mine to grow big enough to be able to plant out. Almost there, but now Im waiting a couple of weeks longer to put them out.

Everything else seems to be growing well.
Ive put in a couple of extra marigold varieties, some rudbeckias and a tonne of carrot (Paris Ball/St Valery/Nutri Red) seed. The Carrot Thief will be delighted!

We have been doing some serious investigating to see when the strawberries and raspberries will be ready, and the boysenberry responded very well to a handful of potash a few weeks back - it is smothered in flowers. It hasnt grown like crazy (yet?) which I anticipated, I have sharp secateurs ready just in case :)

My pretty calendulas have morphed. Some have brown centres this year. They look quite different to the orange and yellow ones that have plain centres. Oh well, something a bit different is okay too.

A striking pink sky tonight, with a light breeze has lead to rain. Its big drops of rain and its not serious at this stage, kind of sporadic so after not getting home fast enough from Fishing to water the garden, its just nice... Not a lot of anything being caught, but there are still a few around. Cant expect to get something every time, and we have had much success this year. Still love the anticipation the lads have, and how they enjoy the thrill of catching something. Doesnt matter what it is, it usually goes back unless its required for the table!

As Im sitting here tapping away, I can hear the Fireworks. Im amazed at how many there are this year.

Its an interesting time, and I do wonder where we are headed - both as a Community, here in Christchurch, and as a Nation. Interesting times ahead Internationally too, Im sure.

Love to You
Take care and Keep Smiling :-)


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