Sunday, November 11, 2012

Marvellous Monday...

What a great Monday morning!
A drop of rain overnight, and a rather pesky wind out there, but its going to be nice later, so I can get back out and finish what I started yesterday.
I have a few new plants, so Im looking to get out there and plant them.
I have dug around and  found a pot large enough to put my nectarine tree in. It hasnt set fruit (yet), I dont know if it will this year, but thats ok. Its six foot tall, and Im sure its dying to get into the ground and get some growing done! I keep recalling the taste of  sweet juicy nectarines. I hope it does have fruit this year :)
Ive found that the chick peas are growing. Of all place, under the overhang of the potatoes leaves. About six or eight plants, which sounds good! Ive just read up on them, and I dont know if they will come to fruition given we are in the South, but they do prefer cooler temperatures, so who knows. I will try and see. It would be a real boon to be able to have chick peas on the menu, especially later in the Summer.

The first big opium poppy flower popped open on Saturday. It is always fascinating watching the bees, you can hear them too, buzzing inside the flowers, its really cute. The flowers never last long, but there is always another one or two in progress to follow along.

We are waiting for some compost to arrive, and then we can get sorted over at the school. The garden is in need of a  good weed, and  some companions planted alongside the plants. I see someone has donated some tomatoes, which is fantastic. They have a good system in place, that means all the children get a chance to help if they want to. Strangely, they all offer to help pick or plant. Not so keen to weed :-)
Have been reading about a community garden in Northland that has just planted a massive potato garden. What an awesome idea to support the families in the area. Ive been thinking on this, the idea is awesome, and can be expanded upon given more space... Love the idea that we can help each other feed our families!!

Well best get back into it,
The compost truck is here!

Have a happy Monday,
Love 'n' Shovels!


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