Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A linky link - Maori Gardens...

Was doing some research this morning, and found this very interesting link.
It pertains to gardening from a historical aspect.
So, how did gardening in NZ begin?
Of course there would have been the Maori crops that were growing when the Europeans came. I guess they dined on kumara, taro, and cabbage trees whilst their own potatoes, cabbages and similar grew...

I can see why it may have annoyed local iwi. It would annoy me also, to have new people moving in next door and raiding my garden!! And with all the new European plants, I am picking that new garden diseases and invading insects arrived. No such thing as quarantine then?...

I am fascinated by the Maori way of Lunar planting. I know it is done in other cultures too, it sounds very interesting... so Im doing some more research.

Loving our Urenika potatoes. They are the first of my maori potatoes Ive tried growing... must look for others. Its about using what grows well, and they most certainly are worth the space - theyre are super tasty and look great (purple!)

Well thats it for now. Will write more as I research and find out more...
Have a good day!!!


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