Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Machinery Stuff, Wind and Seeds!

Hows about one of these?
A DIY Seed cleaner aspirator.
I love the idea, but not being the brightest technical mind there is, I ll leave it to the experts. After winnowing by hand, I can see how these could be extremely useful :)

One of the windiest, hottest days in the year... It has been today! (sounds a lot like Yoda!)
Im not sure of temps yet, its nearly weather time, but boy! Win-dddddy!
Have lost several large poppies, a huge silverbeet, and have spent the afternoon tethering other plants, just to be safe. Its amazing how much potential you can lose if you lose something that you are expecting to seed for next season... lesson learnt!

Found out what my random flower is. Salsify. Theres a few things creeping into my garden this year that I didnt plant, its so wonderful... We have spotted a beautiful blue larkspur this afternoon. Did you know, Larkspur can be used to treat hemorrhoids? :-) The seeds can also be used as a natural insecticide!

Am also a bit on the pink side, a little touch of sunburn. Love the smell of sunscreen though, slathered thickly... Bring it on! Would rather this than a cooler day :)

Have had another handful of strawbs today, and about 500g of red currants. Into the freezer with them, to wait for Christmas and the pavlova - Yay! The bush was laden!
I see the birds have found the raspberries, but thats ok, because we have LOTs this year. I dont mind sharing too much...

Seeding now - carrot - paris ball, st valery and nutri red.
Just planted - Purple dragon carrot, solar white carrot.
Drying on the rack - Swede, Cavolo Nero (Black Kale) and Red Cabbage.
Potatoes are flowering, yams and ulloco are all bushy. The ulloco top leaves can be used as you would use spinach, and taste similar, also put into salads. It is nice when sprinkled with some feta cheese!
Hope all is well with you, wherever you are.
Hang on to your hat, if youre in Canterbury, youre bound to be chasing it down the street.

Take care

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