Friday, December 14, 2012

Bit shaky Saturday... Lights and Things

Its been a bit shaky this week. Two of significance, but not huge ones, just little wobbly shakes to remind us we are still in Christchurch I think!
Its been a busy week. Classes finished for us almost - one more child to finish, and then we are off on holiday. It is a good feeling to almost be there :) We are all really excited about getting away for Christmas day. We have always been home, but this year we arent tied at home with visitors. Of course, with the older children doing their own thing, this could change!

Last night the children got to go into town with some friends to visit the Christmas Grotto. They came home well after dark (10.45pm) and the Littles were well and truly tired but soooo happy! Apparently it was awesome. Music, bright colourful sparkly lights and lots of Christmas things from blow up sleighs to Santa himself! What more could you ask for at this time of the year when you are six and twelve!
Weve had a day of laziness, just catching up after our late night at the disco - a good success - 70 kids and around 30 adults. It was so much fun - the dj was awesome, the music really went down well, and the kids were well behaved generally. My baking even worked, and the star shaped cookies we took lasted all of three minutes.

Have had a very good crop of strawberries this year (*Chandler* variety). Once the birds knew they had to move along, and the wind chimes were put in place, weve been taking between 20-50 off the plants every couple of days. Ive started giving them to the neighbours, no complaints there :) The Alpine strawberries are not as good this year, and I dont think I ll give them much room next year.

I have fresh swede, mesculun, foxglove, aquilegia, calendula, marigold, parsley and red kale seed. The black kale is still drying, as is the red cabbage. I have had a lot of fun trying to figure out the easiest winnowing method, and will keep working on it.
Have lost a lot of my taller plants this year to the mighty winds we have had.  I need to investigate adding further wind breaks, despite putting two new breaks up this year. I guess this is something we have happen every year in between spring and summer. I just have to work around it.
Because of the constant mulching, I seem to have found a good medium - the ground retains the water better than last year, and the strawberries and their solid growth is an indication of this. I will be mulching furiously again once the growing season has slowed a little.
The comfrey has gone native, and Im pulling leaves off to add to the main compost pile almost daily. It responds really well to the night showers we have had!

Ive realized this month, after watching things in the garden go from small to tall, neat and tidy to sprawling and untidy, that collecting seed means untidy mostly!
There are always going to be things that look untidy... none of that clipped manicured look of gardening here!
Still, it is colourful this year, theres a lot of places to hide (ask Miss 6 who loves hide and seek amongst things!) and Im loving it.

More later, once things get less crazy :)

Seasons Greetings to You and Yours
From my Garden to Yours

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