Saturday, December 15, 2012

Quick Biscuit Recipe - Shortbread Cookies

This is the first year my children have been socially out and about.
So, with lots of Children, its Christmas time, and how do I make lots of small treats?
This is an awesome shortbread recipe I found on the side of a box of cookie cutters. So I adopted it as one of my favs - Ive been making two batches at once and get around 120 small cookies or 80 thicker ones.
Decorate as you like - we went for icing & 100s and 1000s  for the dance, as the theme for the disco was *Stars in Your Eyes*
We went for blue icing for the second batch, as that is Mr 12's fav colour.
We packaged them up for his class party tomorrow.

It was hard finding a nice blue, but he is happy with what we did. We ended up painting on the icing, it was the easiest way to get them all done...
In total, I think we ate more than we painted, between all of us :-)
Theyre really easy to make and very tasty!
They also store well and dont go too soft overnight etc.

COOKIE DOUGH - Shortbread
120 grams butter (can be unsalted)
1/2 cup of sugar

1 whole egg
2 cups of self raising flour
3-4 drops of vanilla essence.

Preheat oven to 170C
Cut butter into small cubes, rub into dry ingredients, mix egg in.
Knead together, put in fridge til it hardens a little. (approx 20mins)
Take out and roll flat, use cookie cutter shape if you like, or if youve put it in the fridge in a roll, you can just slice off the cookies, and prick them with a fork (the traditional shortbread way)

Place on tray, Bake around 5-7 minutes til very lightly browing.
Remove and let cool
Ice as you like... vanilla or almond icing is great for Christmas cookies.
Sprinkle with 100s and 1000s
Or coconut... or whatever.

Have been enjoying more strawberries. Its become the favourite thing to do first thing,  the kids checking out the new ones. It was the best thing ever leaving some of the plants to grow their suckers out! We may have a strawberry farm yet! Some potash and some crushed poo has given them a bit more oompf and theyre away again.

Well, another week down, another one on its way... Im loving these beautiful if windy days, roll on Summer :)

Take care,
Oh and if I didnt say it already -
Have a wonderful festive season... Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas!

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