Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Stuff...

Weekend Harvest
Seems like ages since I wrote.
We have had a great week, and its hard to believe its Monday again.
We had the car lads here again this weekend. After lots of loud music and a couple of stray swear words, the new bumper looks good. There is no longer a leak somewhere...?  Theyre happy, and theres a lot worse places they could be!

I have a very nice 7lb brown trout in the freezer!

66cm 7lb weight... Put up a heck of a fight!

We headed to school for Certificate Assembly on Friday, then after morning tea in the Garden, I had some willing extra hands helping with the weeding. It was nice to be chatting and weeding as we went, and it rocks when you find someone who enjoys gardening as much as you do! We did four hours of weeding, and I must confess my muscles were aching today!

Have just discovered the Chilean Guava (NZ Cranberry) berries that were hiding beside the boysenberry- this awesome berry smells like *lollipops* and tastes sweet. Awesome!! Will take some cuttings and see if we cant make some more plants, they would go well in the School garden.

NEW FOR THE GARDEN - Tomatillo, New Cimmaron Lettuce (red) Cauliflower... Cabbage... Kale... all going in during the season, so hopefully new seeds to offer next year! :)

Thats all from me for now...

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