Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fish and Other Stuff

So far, a great weekend.
It feels like it should be Tuesday already, instead of Sunday morning. I guess thats what you get when you offer to drop one of the lads off for work in the morning, after you've watched a video late into the wee hours the night before! We have fitted in a fair bit so far. 
Anyway, Hes in the process of changing jobs, and this new one means he starts at 7am on a Sunday. I think Im going to become an early riser, Im the only one with a license as yet :)
Ive been enjoying the wet weather, weve been making dress-up dolls, baking muffins, making soup with our home-grown pumpkins, and doing those Autumn kind of things...
Long walks in the crunchy leaves, and fishing at the Groynes and other places around the city... this week G caught a trout, last week it was B's turn. They're doing very well.

Ive been making some lavender soap, which turned out not too bad. The longer is cures, the more I like the smell. It will be cool to use it, the kids are going to make a citrus blend next time, and theyve got a candle-making kit on their list of *nexts*. This one is soy, so it will extend their thinking beyond wrapping beeswax sheets around a wick, which was fun too.

Well, Im off to go out and enjoy my wee family and the bonus of sunshine!
Love to you,

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