Monday, July 29, 2013

Pudding & Cake - Ambrosia Recipe

What gorgeous weather, perfect for the first week back at school.
I have today off to get some things sorted, including a warrant. It should err WILL fly through thanks to some tinkering.

We have a birthday party tonight, our son (the fisherman/hunter) is turning 17, and he is having a few mates around for cake and pudding. Im to make the cake, and Im not sure how it will turn out, but it will be simple and full of sugary goodness for sure! I was thinking of something I could sculpt (???) into a fish-like, salmon shape... yeah right!

He wants Ambrosia for pudding... gulp.
Ive found several different recipes that include all kinds of berries, but I will be using blackberries because their juice *acid* changes the marshmellows into gooeyness that mixes nicely with the cream. Yeah I know, it sounds gross.
However, this recipe is looking promising NZGIRLS AMBROSIA RECIPE

Ahh well, off to the kitchen I go...
If you see lots of blue smoke in the East... it may well be my oven overheating with the strain :)

Back to Gardening next post... its time for planning the Spring plot,  and getting some seeds into the mix, yes?



  1. I you're good He will have had a blast. I never heard of Ambrosia but than again I am Dutch.
    Still thanks for your poppy seeds from last year. I collected the seeds and we are getting heaps of poppies this year :)

  2. That sounds great Marja! They will bring the bees to you, hopefully :)