Wednesday, October 2, 2013

~Back to the Spring Planting~

I have been thinking about my garden a lot lately. What to plant, where to plant it... and Im into flowers, lots of them! Coreopsis, Marigold, Hollyhock, Alyssum, Honesty, Heartsease, Violet... the list goes on!
Its amazing how far apart my life is now, from what it was when I began this blog... Lots of changes, and Im so glad that things have been moving along. We have worked hard to get the life we are creating, and although it isnt perfect, its perfect for us. Me, the children and our network of supportive friends!

Work is busy, Im enjoying being a resourceful person, and although it has taken us all along a different path than ever before, being organized sits well with us all.
Loving the school hols, and doing things the kids enjoy, the fishing... walking, shopping, going to the movies - Epic was great !!
I wont put much more than that about the children, they have worked hard this year to try to understand a parent who is so much less noticeable by his continued absence in their lives...and theyre both old enough to  know that they do not want to have photos put on my blog now...

The garden has been full of wonders,  hard work paid off this season, and Im loving the delicate blossom on the fruit trees. I didnt notice it last year, but this year was an absolute joy. Its so pretty, and the peach, nectarine and apple trees put up a real show. 
Ive had winter lettuces coming through with continual sowings. It was awesome that we didnt have such severe winter weather this year, and Ive got Kale that just grew and kept going... Kale chips are a real revelation, the kids loved them, and we had yams, ulloco and potatoes all of our own! I cant seem to get onions to grow en masse yet, but will keep trying...

The vines havent been a real tangled mess yet, so Im hoping that I can trim and keep the boysenberry in check, whilst the raspberry canes look better than last year. I trimmed them not too harshly. I have blackcurrant bushes that are huge, and I took clippings off them all, which I poked in beside the silverbeet. Theyre growing away nicely into individual bushes, which will be great for my mentor families as I work with a local charity to get some gardens up and started...

The seeds have been going well, and Im pleased to say I have many more varieties growing up! The tomatoes are poking through on the windowsill, the corn shouldnt be far away and I have pumpkins galore too. Three new varieties this season, one with edible seeds (good for prostate health! amongst other things)

So, there we be. 
Things be a'changin' - and its all great news...
Will post some photos when I get a chance to unpack the camera cord.

Love to All

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