Friday, April 24, 2009

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Hello again!

Having the children at home from school has meant I havent had as much time as Id like to get out in the garden, but we go walking which we all enjoy. Its a lovely time of year to get out and about, and seeing we live right beside a river, we gravitate to it for our walks.

<---A mated pair of Paradise Ducks, the female has the white head. They mate for life, aww! <3
The birdlife enjoy our visits, we take the obligatory loaf of *old* bread to feed the enthusiastic ducks and beady eyed swans, the haughty canada geese look on as we feed the shy little black squab and rare teal ducks... There is also a pair of Paradise ducks who are regulars, living on the river banks and having babies each year. Theyre a long way from the High-country that used to be their home!

On the Plant Note -

Ive been watching my Aloe plants, they seem very happy on the window sill, and their offshoots or *pups* as Ive read theyre called, are growing nicely too. At this rate, Im going to have a very busy Aloe garden! I seem to be leaving my brown thumb behind (or am I commenting on that too soon! :-) Long live the Aloes!
Ive got several griselinia, fuschia and pittosporum cuttings planted too. Fingers Xed :-)
Im wondering if roses grow well from seed - so Im off to read about it - yes, they do grow, it sounds rather tricky though!
There is such a vast world of seed around us, free too, some of it, but Ive never bothered with it before... Ive always purchased the *easy* seeds, or bought plants.
I think seeds are going to become very important to those who can utilize them as the economy fails, food prices will rocket... If you can plant seed successfully, it gives you a very valuable skill - perhaps skills will become our currency...
This is why I try to keep learning about new skills I guess. I keep telling my teenagers (2 boys) to keep reading to learn new things - How can you say you are living fully if you arent learning new things to pique your interest?
Unfortunately, though they are healthy, intelligent teenagers, the playstation calls... or the computer... oh dear!

Aloe is about 96% water!
Aloe Vera can aid in keeping the skin supple, and has been used in the
control of acne and eczema by rubbing the gel on the skin, and drinking the juice.
Aloe taken internally is said to relieve arthritis and joint pain

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