Friday, April 24, 2009

LEST WE FORGET... and some links...

Ive been browsing, its Friday night, everyone is either off to bed or busy doing their own thing... *hears snoring in the chair*

Heres a link I found to a very interesting site that has old herb monographs... The information is older, but still relevant, especially for those interested in plants and herbal medicine... (I am!)

Ive spent quite some time looking on this site, I love seeing the old hand drawn or painted pages that show the life cycle of herbs from seeds to plant, root system etc. If only I could paint/sketch like that! ...

An Ironic thing is, Ive just this week purchased a copy of Mrs Grieves *A Modern Herbal* and I see she is also *online* even though the book was first published in 1931 - see HERE
I cant wait to get my copy and have a good read!

Ive also been given a whole stack of Australian GRASS ROOTS magazines from the early seventies and eighties - theres a whole lot of reading in there, about self-sufficiency and doing-it-yourself, on the land mainly... very interesting reading, recipes and feedback. I do wonder if I could milk a goat, and be successful making cheese from said milk... what a challenge for this city gal!

HAPPY ANZAC DAY to those to whom it is relevant
-New Zealanders and Australians and those who lost loved ones...

The flower below is a poppy.
It's a traditional symbol of remembrance for the fallen.

"In Flanders field the poppies grow..."

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  1. That link is fantastic! I LOVE the sketches! Thank you! Also, I have never heard of that book--I'm going to check it out! And lastly, those magazines sound incredible! Lucky you! Please post if you find any great revelations- OR simple little tips/suggestions that sound good. Your blog rocks!