Saturday, May 2, 2009

Winter Weeks... Soup, Saving Seed and other stuff...

<--- This is Santolina or Cotton Lavender Isnt that beautiful? - a real silvery Beauty. Nature is so clever!
Another week comes to an end, and I realize Winter is here. (Christchurch city, New Zealand, Southern Hemisphere - we are back to front!)
I was up very early this morning, and the sky was as clear as a bell, the air very fresh, almost freezing. The sky was so beautiful, dont you just love seeing the stars out twinkling happily?

The Southern Cross is so easy to see here, even in the city - there it was, just out my back door and up, up ... up quite a bit really.

Soup has been on the agenda this week - 'cos weve had rain and lots of it. Soup is part of our Winter tradition, theres nothing as comforting as a big bowl of veggies with *soldiers* - buttered toast, cut into lengths, to dip into your bowl. Yes, I recall my own mother having our soup ready for us when we got home if it was raining. Funny how you remember things, and they invoke memories - it was soup with soldiers, and the smell of wet wool (school uniform, included a woollen jersey AND if you were of the female persuasion, a big woollen kilt that weighed heavy and clung to your legs when wet!)
My children eat soup all up, a really good way to get the dreaded veggies into them, they love it.
(Click on the word SOUP for an easy veggie soup recipe!)

This year with my new dehydrator, Im thinking I should begin to dry as many different types of vegetables and herbs to add to the Soup mix! And to add to stews or other dishes, or for making decoctions and infusions.
What I have done so far, is dry some Santolina (Cotton Lavender) leaf - apparently it is very good for making bunches to keep moths at bay - putting a small bag of leaf into the pockets of your coats when you store them is a great idea. It still smells - but it is a natural kind of smell, as opposed to the smell of moth balls. I have some tansy leaf also, but I wont be using that while Im pregnant as it is one of the herbs that can cause problems with pregnancy.

And I wasnt going to mention it, but *blush* we are 12 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Due on 11 November. Im starting to feel the quickenings, and *Baby* reminds me of how wonderful it is to be a pregnant woman! I am somewhat of a veteran, this being baby number 5... but each and every pregnancy is exciting, Im so fortunate to be keeping well so far. (Fingers crossed!) We have three sons and a daughter, and each has their own ideas about what the new baby might be... Bless them!

Some Links...
While browsing I found this which amused me somewhat.
I dont think Ive ever seen more than two ladybirds at once in any one spot... but this could fix it all --------> LOOK HERE

A great NZ Website that is written by one of the Trademe Mummies from the Parenting Board -----> SLINGBABIES - Jessie has an awesome informative site for using/wearing a sling for carrying our precious babes in - she also reviews different types/styles/labels of sling too... Great Stuff!! I spent ages on here, learning all kinds of things - having your hands free while being able to carry a new baby is awesome and if you dont know where to start, Jessie can help.

Well thats me for now, but I ll be back...

Now - Whats for dinner?

Have a Happy Day!

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